New SR-71 takes flight

Manatee edition

If you didn’t say otherwise, you could have as easily convinced me this was the source of vegan tuna…

Faster than a speeding oyster.

New Chinese spy system. So adorable we have to allow it.

This forum needs an “I absolutely adore this post”-button.

Boy, the fropbog sure got bigger to hold those.

I love you guys. Thanks for the late night laugh!

Kawaaaaaii!!! I want one!

Will they fit in a swimming pool?

You should spend more time on Reddit then, this joke was all over it yesterday.

And the original from Twitter (all social media really), he’s got a lot of neat stuff.

Whoa. The mammary glands are at the base of each flipper? Wild.

Where else would you have your mammary glands, Jeff? On your chest? Hah!

I would have to think about it. Not sure where I would put my mammary glands.