New Windows Phones

I searched the forums but didn’t find much love for Windows phones. With Mango out, I am looking at the HTC Titan or Samsung Focus S to replace my iPhone 4. The Titan looks like a mini-tablet (which my eyes like) but the Focus S is supposed to have a great screen. Anybody using Mango have any opinions to share? I just saw that there are issues with Exchange Server 2003 that are being reported.

Is it true there have been no updates to the OS since WP7 first came out until now with Mango?

There have been a few:

My friend, who’s had a WP7 since the start, upgraded to Mango in the beta testing and said he absolutely loved it. Things ran a lot faster, liked the interface changes with background applications and tabbing through them and that. There was some other stuff that he liked, but I really can’t remember much more than what I posted because I was pretty drunk at the time.

I really am tempted to get a WP7 when I decided to get a new phone.