New Year's Gaming Resolutions 2022, aka Back. Log's Back. All right!

It’s me again with another silly thread. I see this has been done before, once by a guy I don’t know and once by ol’ @TimJames. Obviously Elden Ring is #1 on my list of games for this year, but there’s a bunch of stuff gathering dust in the old backlog that I’m bound and determined to get to this year! It promises to be the Year of Strategy for me. In no particular order, this is what I am planning on playing:

  • Shadow Empire
  • Old World
  • Caster of Magic for Windows
  • Battletech BTA 3062 (mod)
  • Rule the Waves
  • Battle Brothers
  • Total Warhammer 2
  • Monolith

What are you embarassed that you haven’t really played yet? If I fail to get to any of the above, please make fun of me next year. Thank you.

I just can’t do it. I can’t. So much shame.

I’d like to do the following in terms of finishing “in progress” stuff:

  1. Finish Final Fantasy X so I can remember enough about the storyline to finally go back and play Final Fantasy X-2 since a friend stole my copy before I could ever actually play it through
  2. Finish Tales of Vesperia
  3. Get back to my Animal Crossing island and help my gf work through the DLC content so we can redesign villager homes she’s always wanted to mess with
  4. Restart Kentucky Route Zero and catch a couple of optional quests in Chapter 1 that lock content in later chapters if you miss them, then finish it
  5. Give Super Mario Odyssey another shot; it seems cool. I’m just bad at games.
  6. Accept that I’m not good enough to play Breath of the Wild and sell it.
  7. Give Pokemon Shield another shot since it was expensive and I wanna be cool
  8. Finish a few more runs in Hades to get the second family dinner ending.

In terms of new commitments, I’d really like to make time to play:

  1. Tales of Arise on PC; I love this series and wanna give it another go
  2. Then either go back to Tales of Zestiria/Berseria if I’m hankering for more of that or finally start diving deep into the endless ocean that is the Trails in the Sky series
  3. Pick up The Old World; I didn’t actually understand what it was and it sounds cool as fuck
  4. Play Inscryption on the TV somehow
  5. Play Wildermyth based on Tom’s 2021 GOTY article
  6. Get Unsettled and HEXplore It: The Domain of Mizra Noctis onto my table with friends
  7. Complete v. 2.0 of a TTRPG I’m running with friends and put it up for sale on
  8. Finish writing the player’s guide to another TTRPG I wrote, along with a Quick-Start Guide, to have copies available at GenCon when I run it there
  9. Play or run a campaign of Masks: The New Generation
  10. Finally figure out what the ever-loving fuck is happening in my friend Justin’s Curse of Strahd megacampaign rewrite he’s running for us
  1. Play Psychonauts 2
  2. Finish Artful Escape.
  3. Play more Exo One
  4. Play Northern Journey
  5. Finish Halo Infinite
  6. Play more Plague Tale
  7. Try out Hades. Everyone says it’s good, so it must be good.
  8. Play more Forgotten City
  9. Play Genesis Noir
  10. Play Sable
  11. Play Curse of the Dead Gods
  12. Play more Omno
  13. Play Control - lower priority than others, from the little I’ve played, this seems like a boring 3rd person shooter
  14. Play Dad of War
  15. Play Horizon Zero Dawn some more. Pretty boring in the opening area, maybe it gets better
  16. Play Spider-Man
  17. Return to Bloodborne and use a guide to find Cainhurst Castle, or whatever it’s called, an area I missed.
  18. Play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  19. Play the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy, damn it. Ignore Final Fantasy X/X-2, you’ve already played it multiple times!
  20. Finish Dragon Quest XI if possible. It seemed like an okay game in the first 30 hours, but surely it will get better, otherwise it wouldn’t have such a devoted following.

Oh god yeah I forgot that I’m like 30+ hours into DQ11 on Switch after getting the 20 hours into it on PC…

Move this to #1

In the beginning, yes, but it is anything but. Keep going.

Not everyone.

This is surprisingly tough. But way, way easier than Super Mario 3D World. And WAY WAY WAY easier than Super Mario Sunshine. I mean holy shit that game is kicking my ass. It’s like the Dark Souls of Super Mario games, and not in the good way. Actually, scratch that, there’s no way in which Dark Souls is bad, it’s the perfect game. Super Mario Sunshine is the Dark Souls 2 of 3D Super Mario games.

I forgot about that thread! Just keep in mind I had a different intent behind it:


That’s the Lost Levels, but even then that is a bit of hyperbole. Not to reflect on SMB2(Japan) but Dark Souls.

As in the Lost Levels/SMB2(Japan) is much harder and has way more BS than Dark Souls in it’s wildest dreams.

I actually stuck to this intent. I didn’t list any of my previous backlog. These are all current games on the hopper for me.

Notice I didn’t mention any Assassin’s Creed game, or Dark Souls 3 or any other long suffering backlog game!

Well, maybe Final Fantasy XIII could go the other way.

It is very good.

I confess I didn’t actually read the post. It’s so old.

Again, it’s not my thread so everyone is welcome to go nuts, but just to be clear, you’re still missing the intent of my old ass thread. Think about a real New Year’s resolution. It’s to achieve a challenging goal you’ve always wanted for yourself, or to end a bad habit.

For example, you could resolve to stop talking about the long list of games you’re currently playing and need to wrap up. Who knows, maybe it would improve your life!


I would resolve to stop buying random games I know I don’t have time to play, but I think that might be beyond my willpower.

It’s dinner time. :(

I guess I’d resolve to play more games in 2022. I hardly got any gaming time in 2021. I miss it!
My son is now old enough to play, so play more games with him. Playing Mario games with him towards the end of 2021 has been a lot of fun.
Also, make more lists. And talk more about the long list of games I’m currently playing and need to wrap up.

I am filled with regret. But not hairballs anymore, praise Jebus!