New York tourist help

I am in NYC tonight thru Monday morning. We are staying at The Muse hotel, two blocks from Times Square. Any tips on something cool nearby? I may be soloing it tonight. The GF seems a bit tired from the sightseeing already accomplished today.

Tomorrow more sights to see, including the Natural History Museum, and more stuff.

I can’t stay too long in this town. Two slices of pizza and one soda for $18? Fugidaboutit! or however you spell it. Pretty cool vibe here though.

There are many many bad restaurants near Times Square. Don’t eat there. Ok - except Johns pizzeria which is a block or so west. They’re great.

Not a lot right in that touristy area. Los Tacos no 1 is excellent and there’s a pretty good Greek bakery off to the west. Koreatown is pretty close too. There’s also Keens steakhouse if you’re a meat eater.

Being Friday night it’ll be tough to get in anywhere to sit down.

So are the hot dog stands any good? We had dinner last night with some New Jersey folks that we know and they were calling them dirty water dogs. I kind of like the idea of referring to them as a dirty dogs, but I’m not sure that makes me want to have one.

Otherwise, we did do a hop on hop off bus tour today and I was listening to the narrative and one of the things that struck me was we would move from one neighborhood or borough whatever they’re called such as Manhattan and go into some other place, say, so ho, and it all sort of look the same to me. It’s one big urban sprawl.

Like I said, it does have a cool vibe here I could see myself living in New York for a month or two and just having fun exploring everything and seeing how the rhythms of everyday life operate here.

No, they’re terrible. If you want a hot dog go to a papaya joint and order well done. Closest one I see is in Chelsea.

Keep in mind that the subway is great and right there, maybe it’s a tourist trap now but I really enjoyed the High Line, you’re not too far from it by train. MoMA was great as well, though go early and expect a ton of idiots taking selfies in front of the significant pieces rather than looking at them.

Let me know if you guys are interested in grabbing a bite tonight, I’ve got nothing going on. No offense if you’re not comfortable etc.

I could go out tonight. I think it would be me alone. The GF professes to be tired. What other people from the board live in New York? Doesn’t RMorton teach film school or something here? He must be friends with Scorsese or something.

Head to Greenwich Village. Spend time there. Win. :)

Wow, two degrees of separation from genius!

Anyway let me know, if not I just got an instant pot from prime day and am going to test it out.

PM’d you.

Is that the place inside an old church? If so… it’s outstanding. I took the wife to NYC for her 50th a couple years ago and that was one of the best meals we had all weekend!

It is indeed! Amazing spot - and while the pizza is not the best in NYC, its definitely 90th percentile IMO - if a bit small (not a full 18 inches), and pricey (gotta pay the church rent, I guess).

You mean the limelight? It used to be a dance club. I went to the DOOM 2 launch party there many years ago.

Nope. John;s Pizzeria of Times Square. Beautiful space - damn good pizza.
Also, apparently closed for the summer :(


Plenty of great places to eat in the blocks west of there (and Restaurant Row is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!).

@Mark_Asher If you want to combine Pizza, Architecture, and Tourism - I’m gonna recommend a walk you could do tomorrow evening.

Take the subway (A or C) down to the World Trade Center, and follow the signs to the Oculus (which is the soaring mall/train station - and worth seeing). You can pop up and look at the WTC 1 (“Freedom Tower”) and the footprint/waterfall memorials - but after that duck back in and follow the signs to the Fulton Street Transit Center - which is a wonderful industrial looking steel and glass structure just a 5 minute underground walk away. Pop up, and walk through City Hall park to the Brooklyn Bridge. Walk across the Bridge (it has a nice breeze in the summer… usually), exit in Brooklyn, and then head south then west to Juliana’s Pizza - next to Grimaldi’s.

Grimaldi’s pizzeria was a fantastic place. He sold it to someone, then… opened a new pizza place next to it - with his wife’s name. LOL. What an ass. But great pizza. So now for Grimaldi’s pizza you walk past it to Juliana’s. :)

The walk back in the late evening is nice, because you can see the city lights. Bonus - skip the underground passage and walk through Zuccotti Park - which is beautiful at night.

If you’re across the river anyway, think about going somewhere on a water taxi :)

That’s a lovely walk and Juliana’s is extremely tasty, for the fancy wood-fired oven old-school pizza type, but not what I would call the best. The best of that variety would probably be Lucali or maybe Paulie Gee’s.

That’s really good stuff but not classic NYC pizza, of which the best is without a doubt Scarr’s, or for real non-fancy classic NYC pizza, Joe’s. Joe’s is my standby, I order from there a couple times per month.

There’s also real DOP Neapolitan-style pizza, of which I would go with Motorino or Keste.

I’d also recommend walking up the High Line from the south side, ending at the north with Chelsea Market and the new man-made island thingie, forget what it’s called. I always take tourists up the High Line. Don’t know if Chelsea Market is still the same in COVID-times though.

Does Spunto still exist? The wife and I loved their thin crust pizza.

Edit: And I answer my own question.

Yes, I actually go to Posto all the time, that’s my thin-crust pizza spot of choice on the east side, owned by the same guys. I live very close. Not a destination restaurant though.