NFL 2011 Suicide League Week 8

Best of luck with the job hunt, then. The payoff for winning that is much better than the payoff for winning this, certainly.

Good luck with the job hunt, Matt.

Ironically, Lorini randomly assigned you the Bengals in week 6.

I think there’s a good chance we see the winner today.

Sorry to hear that, Matt. GL with the hunt!

TD Miami!! Just mentioning it sluggo. hehe

We have a Steve Slaton sighting! The Dolphins have a touchdown and a 7-0 lead!

Which, judging by their last 2 months of football, means they won’t be scoring any more TDs today.

Next up: INT by Manning.

Honestly, Miami could be leading this game 17-13 in the 4th quarter and I still wouldn’t be concerned yet. That’s how much faith I have in how bad the Dolphins are. They’ll have to have a 2 TD lead late in the 3rd or 4th quarter before I’m even remotely worried.

I love watching Coughlin talk shit on the sidelines. Too funny.

Did Matt Moore just do that?

Yes, yes he did. Indeed.

So this week, sluggo will join the ranks of us who were burned by the Giants.

I was just about to brag about how the Texans were plodding along toward a decisive if relatively boring 14-0 lead, but then what’s-his-name took a sack, fumbled, and Jacksonville scored. Sigh.

What happens if everybody loses? Do they split the pot?


The Browns won’t beat the 49ers.

Man, the Fins blew it. Again.

I do feel bad for them but the game is four quarters not three.

Oh, come on, Miami. You can’t even win to help me out?

Jacksonville draws within 7 again. C’mon, Texans, hold 'em.

Alternate Universe me is still in it!