NFL 2024

Was the trade to ensure that nobody else traded with the Jets for the pick?

Not happy with JJ going to the Vikings - just have to hope Williams is as advertised.

I think so. Jets weren’t going to take JJ

Is Sean Payton going to go with a QB too? All the top prospects are gone now.

So far this draft is going pretty much to form for a lot of the mocks from folks I pay attention to who seem to know what they’re about.

And yet Mel Kuiper seems stunned that JJ McCarthy went where he did. And seems to think Bo Nix shouldn’t go in the first round (it seems fairly likely, and I’ve seen him in picks 20+ from multiple sources.)

Kinda think ol’ Mel has lost some mph off his fastball.

That’s not how contracts work. Even if they trade Cousins after two years the cap hit will be bad. And Penix is not 21, he’s like 24. Basically, they used a pick for a backup for potentially three years.

And Nix to the Broncos. There go the QBs!

It’s going to be very interesting to see who is where five years from now.

I wonder what the over/under is on how many of these six QBs will be impactful starters?

Raiders didn’t trade up and didn’t get a QB.

Brock Bowers is a nice consolation prize.

My dad and sister love the Vikings (every Sunday at my sisters house to catch the game) and even will travel from Winnipeg to Minneapolis to catch a game once a year and they both loathed Cousins.

Cousins is gonna get to the end of his career with these gaudy counting stats and the distinction of being a player that every team who had him vaguely felt like he was disposable.

He is to the NFL what Todd Zeile was to the MLB. Just absolutely a tastes like chicken player.

As an Expos fan I wasn’t a Cardinals fan, but I did like Todd Zeile. Also, a cool last name. :)

You’re right, absolutely. But Kirk probably doesn’t give a shit.

Since his rookie year in 2012, Cousins has raked in a total of $281.5 million in contract money, which includes the $50 million signing bonus that he’ll be getting from the Falcons.

As someone who has never had Kirk Cousins on a team I root for, that’s kinda why I did his vibe. :)

Love this trade-up for the Vikes if it’s Dallas Turner. Boy did that fall into their laps.

Yep, it’s Turner.

Wow what a draft the Vikings may have had (time will tell). JJ McCarthy and Dallas Turner is a nice pair of picks.

I wonder what the Vikings traded to get this pick. When do we find that out?

I don’t know that they’d have had to give up too much. Jags moved from 17 to 23. Jags likely to take a cornerback in the first round, and they should have a couple on the board when they pick.

Or not. Yowza. Vikings definitely paid a premium for a nice first round tonight.

NFL Network just said 275k people are at this draft. Insane.