NFL 2024

New NFL season. Draft is going on right now.

No surprises so far. Caleb Williams to Chicago, Jayden Daniels to Washington.

Very nice, @Rock8man.

Now everyone expects the Patriots to trade back, right?

It says Patriots pick is in, so I guess they’re not trading back. Who are we expecting?

So, this looks like every mock draft so far.

Thought for sure the trade was coming from the Vikings or Giants.

Drew Magary must be devastated. He called his shot Babe Ruth style with Drake Maye to the Vikings in his column today.

Herbert getting some protection with Alt.

Welp, Daniel Jones got a guy to throw to.

Looks like the plans of ditching him are dead.

Jones was pretty good in the 2022 season. Maybe the 2023 season was an anomaly.

This draft has been exceedingly boring. No trades so far.

I wonder if the depth of offensive prospects is making teams more unwilling to trade?

Finally a crazy pick.

Penix to the Falcons who have Cousins.

Is this for a trade?

Michael Penix Jr was unexpected for Atlanta, right?

Also I totally was pronouncing that to rhyme with Penis.


Sounds like Kirk is playing one year in Atlanta

Nice haul by Chicago.

Bears certainly should have an offense next year. Did not think Odunze would fall to 9. Thanks Atlanta!

Yeah, wow.

Odunze might be my favorite WR of the draft.

New franchise QB and an incredible WR to go opposite of DJ Moore.

And let’s not forget about Keenan Allen.

Well there’s still concerns about the line, but Williams is going to have Moore, Allen, and Odzune to throw to.

That seems potent.