NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)


I’m sure Gruden will appreciate the Christmas card the Bears sent him this year for that.


I’ve used all the easy picks at this point. Time to make some tougher choices.

Baltimore (BAL) Ravens to lose.


I agree.


Looks like I went with the popular pick this week: Tampa Bay to lose.



Time to pick my team to lose.

Down goes the dirty 'nati.

Bengals will lose (yet again).


Anyone picking my Vikes to lose is gonna get me grumpy!


BAL to lose the ball.




And now Monday Night Football has added stakes, lol.


Heads up:
@Spect - need a different choice, as you picked Miami back in week 4
Still waiting on picks from:


Completely forgot - thanks for the reminder!


You got it, and thanks for your faith in the Browns; I hope it’s rewarded, lol.


And picked the Oakland Raiders to lose. Thanks for reminding me!


Ya know, I was worried this was going to be one of those “off” games by the Saints. Sigh


LOTS of surprises today. For those who haven’t picked yet, you still have a chance to grab another game!


Ah crap. Well I saw this a bit late for the late games today, and I just can’t pick the Rams to lose to the Bears tonight. I’ve already picked the Bears this season.

So that leaves Monday’s game, and since I picked Minnesota last week, I’ll have to go with Seattle to lose.


You’ve got it! And think of it this way, had you been able to pick the Dolphins, you would have lost :)


I’ll go with the Bears to lose this week.


Yes, I’m sick to my stomach over this loss, but not taking the hit on our Loser Bowl standings is lessening the blow.


I’m elated. I took my Fins to lose. Knowing I’d get a victory one way or another.

Oh, and F*** the Patriots! !!! 😀