NHL is back!

You can all now go back to ignoring the NHL.

And Toronto fans can go back to wishing that this is the year. And I’ll have something to watch at night again, now if only they’d show more Thrashers games :/

Yeah, what the world needs now more than ever is Atlanta Thrashers hockey.

My chances of hearing Don Cherry’s voice by accident just went way up.

I’ll take it over the delusions of Maple Leafs fans! :D

I stopped?

I stopped?[/quote]

Is this the ice sport where the two guys have brooms and a rocks with a handle on it? Because I have missed that sport.

Toronto of course will make the playoffs, and in the first round probably face Ottawa and lose.

Meanwhile Edmonton will face Dallas in the first round and lose.

Sounds like the ol’ NHL to me :)

— Alan

Just to rub Toronto fans’ noses in it, I managed to win the 2005 Stanley Cup with the Leafs in Eastside Hockey :) .

Except that Toronto has beaten Ottawa, I think, almost everytime they’ve played in the playoffs the last like 8 years. Even when Ottawa was seeded higher (2nd, at least once) they still lost.

The players not only got fucked, they got it up the ass and sucked it clean after.

All this shit because they couldn’t agree to a salary cap before. Now the salary cap is lower than it was originally proposed, AND they take a 24% roll-back on wages, AND arbitration rights lean more towards the owners than they did in the original proposals, AND there is revenue-sharing, AND… man, this just feels so good to see those greedy fucks get what was coming to them. This is the next-best thing to the opportunity to literally shovel shit down Jeremy Roenick’s throat as compensation for all the shit he’s said the past year.

Except that Toronto has beaten Ottawa, I think, almost everytime they’ve played in the playoffs the last like 8 years. Even when Ottawa was seeded higher (2nd, at least once) they still lost.[/quote]

Hmm maybe I’m getting the two confused.

— Alan

The Leafs have taken the Sens four straight series. They’ve never lost to Ottawa in a playoff series in modern history (meaning since the Sens were revived in 1992).

Jakub- I ask you to give back a quarter of your paycheck, you refuse, and you’re the greedy one?

If his paycheck is based on people wanting to watch him do his job, and there aren’t enough people who do that, then what other solution is there?

The 24% rollback was actually something the players’ union offered. The owner’s didn’t propose that one.

Professional athletes are so greedy, it’s a real shame they won’t just do whatever the saintly owners want.

And there’s the 15% of salary that has to go into escrow.

I’m just hoping that the game moves on from neutral zone trapping.

Hey, I’m no fan of the owners, but that doesn’t change that they’re RIGHT in this situation.

Fuck the players.

Yes, let’s rehash this idiotic argument again, shall we? Perhaps you’ve somehow missed the fact that thr NHLPA finally admitted that the Levitt Report and other studies showing the NHL hemorrhaging cash were valid? And gave in on the cap and other concessions because a majority of players finally realized that the NHL was going to die without them?

Anyhow, the NHL and NHLPA have established a profit-sharing agreement, with the players getting 54% in the first year of the deal. That rises during the six years of the contract, too, as long as league revenues go up. If the league grows – which doesn’t seem likely right now, but who knows? – the players will get up to 57% of revenues.

How is this a bad deal? How are the players being screwed? Only an idiot could say that this deal isn’t fair for both sides. It’s just pathetic that the PA’s gang of idiots killed last season and lost the players over a billion dollars that will never be recouped, for absolutely nothing.