Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Well, to put it a different way, how would you feel if they splashed ads all over saying they would have them for Black Friday, and (for reasons I can’t comprehend) you chose to go there and they had none because they sold them all beforehand?


I’m not a Black Friday shopper (other than online, and even then, not much), but my impression was it was pretty common for there to be only a limited quantity of the deeply discounted stuff in the first place. Hence the mad stampedes. So lots of people are inevitably going to be pissed off. And it’s not like the Switch is going to be discounted anyway, so what’s the point in going for it on Black Friday?


I could hide it in my bedroom and just play it after my son is in bed and then wrap it up for Christmas… I would feel guilty though. Haha!


Well, I think Dave would agree that you owe it to your kids to open it up and do all the system updates before Christmas day, so your kids don’t have to wait for that. And i mean, as long as it’s already out…


Until recently, they have been pretty tough to find, so…availability. I like @DaveLong ‘s answer.

@ninyu gotta make sure that thing works, right?


Speaking of updates …

Is the Switch any better about system updates? The Wii U updates take forever!


When it comes to the OS and updates, the Switch beats the WU in every possible way. They did it mostly right this time.


But a) they are now generally available, and b) choosing the busiest shopping day of the year to try to find something, especially something likely to be on a bunch of Christmas lists, on the grounds of availability rather than price seems insane.


Updates are cool, but depending how old your son is, it really is awesome to see their eyes when that gift is opened on Christmas Day. I lived it with three boys for many years and while it’s still fun with teens, I do miss how awesome it was when they were smaller. :)

Honestly though, I never opened up the systems. I waited til the day. Xbox One (last year) took forever to update not only the system but the games too so I’d always recommend doing early updates for that one now, but I don’t think you’ll be waiting long for the Switch for any updates really. Nothing takes very long. It’s slick.


If it were me, I’d have it both ways: The Switch packaging is pretty easy to open, so I’d get in there, get the Wi-Fi and profiles all set up, do all the system updates, then put all back in the box and wrap it. The packaging wouldn’t have that perfectly pristine, fresh from the factory look, but it would be close enough not be noticed, especially by kids who are freaking out at what they just got.


The Switch updates have been really small and fast to install. You won’t be waiting hours for gigs upon gigs. More like a couple of minutes, if that.


Last weekend, I had to do a Lego Dimensions update on WiiU. It took two hours. It crashed the first time it tried to instal and made me download the whole thing again.


Well, that’s not a Switch system nor even a Nintendo update. ;)


True. :)

But even the game updates are a breeze on the Switch compared to the WiiU. I guess this massive Splatoon 2 update that’s coming will be a good test.


Portal Knights is up on eShop this week it looks like. It is a mine craft lite with combat and progression. I’m thinking it’s a great holiday pickup for my Switch.


Lol that’s what I tell my nephew…but it’s just an excuse to grab Skyrim, Doom and Zelda for the first time and I am loving it…


Nothing I want seems to be on sale this holiday, except perhaps for a $20 charger at Best Buy. I’d like to get a couple digital games and a pro controller, but I need to keep looking. The BF sale Nintendo emailed me about is for games I don’t want at prices I would never pay for them.

I will probably grab a memory card on sale in the next couple days though if I don’t find a spare I think I’ve got kicking around somewhere.


These Xenoblade Chronicles 2 previews from Eurogamer and IGN are making me seriously consider picking up the game next week.


In amongst the glowing (preview) praise there seems to be the odd concern, most noteably what reads like an aggressive dynamic resolution, especially in handheld mode.

Still, I am looking forward to muddling around in the complex obscure depths of the game systems in just over a week! Preload locked in and ready!


Despite having Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild (the two games I originally bought the system to play) it’s actually been Thimbleweed Park that I’ve been gravitating towards whenever I pick up the Switch.

I wonder if there’s been any talk of bringing Life is Strange over?