Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


I’ve been hardcore on Stardew Valley. I’d like to see Rimworld, Prison Architect, Terraria, and Starbound on there. I picked up Thimbleweed Park on the iPad but wish I’d gotten it for the Switch instead.

I’m LOVING the Switch.


Now I have Thimbleweed Park on my radar, even while I am playing SMO, Skyrim, and BotW. Thanks a lot!!


I started up Stardew Valley, but the load times between days seem unusually long and end up breaking the “just one more” rhythm it had for me on the PC.


Rimworld would be so awesome to see there, but the lack of mods would destroy me. At a minimum I just have to have most everything Fluffy makes.


The save times are annoying, but it’s ~30 seconds every 15 minutes, so I’ve gotten used to it. I guess what I was really trying to say is that I’d like to see more games like Stardew Valley on the Switch. It’s such a happy little game. :)


True enough! It’s a fantastic platform for smaller little games. I picked up Golf Story this morning and I’ve really been digging what I’ve seen so far.


Oh I’m sure you will! It’s an indie gold rush atm. :)

And then there’s a new Animal Crossing which is almost guaranteed at some point - hopefully sooner rather than later.


Attention, olds: if you’re thinking about picking up XC2 next week and playing in handheld mode make sure your bifocal prescription is up to date. I haven’t actually looked at the game yet but Monolith loves to throw a bunch of tiny text on the screen.


Looking at that one screenshot in handheld mode on eShop, the HUD seems okay.

Inventory, quest, etc. though may be another matter but I’d hope they’re aware of Switch’s popularity as a handheld and have designed accordingly.

All I really hope is that they give a seperate audio control for the music - the balance in Chronicles X was too high for my tastes.


Yes, please. I’m in the minority of people who really liked the X soundtrack but it was so loud during cutscenes that I couldn’t even hear what people were saying.


I didn’t mind the soundtrack either, but yeah it was just too loud.


Aw, man, you just made me realize I live in a world where I can’t play Prison Architect on my Switch. Thanks, jerk.



I was looking forward to picking up Disgaea 5 for $20 at Best Buy, but they had sold out before Black Friday even arrived. How annoying.


What’s the power draw on the switch? If I just buy a usb-a to usb-c cable and plug it into a iPad charger, will that work?


Yeah, it should work with any generic usb charger. I did exactly that.


Yeah, Disgaea 5 was a game for me and I was bummed I wasn’t able to get it for $20. I justified though and bought it today at Target for $35 and got Uncharted 4 to get my total to $50. Once spending $50 you get a 20% off an entire shopping trip coupon.

I’ll use that next time we go grocery shopping and clean up on that 20% so I can pretend I only spent $20 on it. FYI, there are restrictions, specifically Switch Hardware and Games. I was hoping to use it on the Pro controller and maybe more joycons but it’s not to be.

I’ve got all my Switch goodies ordered up-SD, Case, and sweet sweet games. Mario is my last one to get and Costco for $50 is about the best I can do on it.


Terraria for Switch is in development as far as I know.


Nobody else seemed to want the one copy in the Branson MO Best Buy, I snagged it even though I didn’t wait in line. Plenty of copies of Mario + Rabbids at the Walmart, too.

Best Buy does BF a lot better.


So on Thanksgiving day, I’m glad I asked my brother’s family to bring the Switch with them. They didn’t bring the dock with them, but just the handheld console. I played Mario Odyssey for a while, and came to the same conclusion as I did after owning the PS Vita for a while: beautiful screen, great controls, it’s good to have two proper thumbsticks. But it’s not for me. Yes, it’s wonderful, it’s a Mario game, but playing on a handheld is still playing on a handheld, and it’s not satisfying to me, it gives me a headache after a while staring at this small screen, trying to ignore the people around me.

So on Black Friday when I went to stores, there were Nintendo Switches in stock everywhere I went. Best Buy, Walmart, Target. Everyone had plenty of Switches. I was impressed that they really got the stock out there. But since I’d already tried the Switch, it was not a tempting purchase for me.

I wish I could have done the same thing with the Vita back when i was tempted to get that. That would have scared me off of it too and I would have saved a lot of money.

Edit: Note, I haven’t experienced the Switch as a console yet, just as a handheld device, and I’m only speaking to that. Maybe one day I will enjoy it as a console, but at least I know now that I won’t enjoy it as a handheld.


As a Vita owner (kind of) in the same boat, I can say that being able to use it primarily docked and then pop the sucker out when I need to, for gaming on the go, it’s been a totally different experience. I get hooked on games docked then I’ve got the freedom to wander off still playing, which is very cool and convenient.