Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Glad Nintendo is doing well this console generation.

They keep going on about how they will keep supporting the 3DS but we know its days are numbered, so what I really want is a much smaller, truly portable version (Switch Mini). No removable controllers or video out. Price it right and it’s possible Switch owners will get one in time. Play at home on the Switch, continue your game on the go with the Mini and it FITS in your pocket.


My guess is the switch revision coming next year isn’t that at all. It’ll be a standard revision, a bit faster, better battery life, fixing some of the annoyances of the original device, and cost-optimized so they can sell it cheaper.

I specifically don’t expect them to go the XboneX route and make it dramatically faster either.


3DS isn’t going anywhere. Just as they did in many generations before this, they will offer a handheld that’s inexpensive for children alongside the premium console (and handheld) experience. It makes way more sense to do that than combine to selling only one product given 3DS/2DS sales are still very good and will continue as it ages and can be sold for $49 or $59 as they did the Game Boy.


This is the first Nintendo portable where I don’t feel like there is a glaring issue that needs a revision to solve. GBA had no light and no rechargeable batteries. The 3DS was uncomfortable to hold and the 3D was nearly unusable(guess I don’t remember a big flaw in the original DS?). I’m sure they’ll make minor improvements in a Switch revision, but I’m hardly going to jump at better battery life. The battery is only ever an issue when I travel and is trivial to solve with a battery pack. A drastic hardware upgrade I’d be all over, but I seriously doubt that’s in the cards.


Could be better battery life, smaller bezels, there’s a problem with the dock scratching the screen, the joycons are pretty uncomfortable on their own, could be lighter and thinner, etc.


Biggest issue with the original DS would be either how dim the backlight was, I guess. But better than none. Maybe how small the stylus was.


The biggest issue with the original DS is that it was ugly as hell.

The only thing I really want to see in a switch revision is a bigger 1080p screen with a smaller bezel and a spec bump big enough to push 1080p to it in portable mode.


Biggest issue for me is the analog sticks. They’re not great for shooters. But that’s honestly a minor complaint for me.


The OG DS is huge. That was what people joked about when it came out. Well, that and the two screens. DS Lite fixed that right up.


I want to believe you, but the increasingly dire release schedule suggests otherwise.


However, the OG DS was much better for kids, because it was built like a tank. The Lite had those fragile hinges.


Yeah, that’s true.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money on the DS line and I can say without a doubt that the best is the DSi XL. It has dual IPS screens and they look beautiful. It also has the most comfortable button and d-pad layout along with a two position hinge so you can play with it sitting on a table. I love it.

@CLWheeljack I think it has at least one more holiday season in it. It’s really just a question of whether they need more than a couple first party games to get by? The library is strong and huge.


I hand sold LOTS of used OGs long after they were no longer available new to parents of little kids.


These won’t fix the problem entirely, but they were a big improvement for me. I actually put the medium and tall ones on the left stick, stacked together. The only issue I’ve had is that making the left stick taller makes it a little awkward to press the - key, but it’s pretty rare that I do that, anyway.


Oh nice! I never even considered that there might be an option for this! And I think they’d still fit in my case with no problem.

$8 and free shipping is a no-brainer.


Dude, you never told me about those. Neat!


Weird, I thought I mentioned them before. I bought a similar thing for the PS4 for wrist pain and while I was at it I looked for a Switch equivalent. These were a little annoying to put on at first because the stick is so small but now that they’re on you’d swear they were just part of the controller. Very nice, and a noticeable difference between these and my second set of joy con.


I just ordered them to give it a shot. I don’t use the JoyCons that often because of the Pro Controller, but Pokémon won’t even let you use the Pro so I sometimes go with the single joycon. They’ll also be good for portable play of course.


Cmon man didn’t you get the ball.


I got the ball. It just gets uncomfortable after awhile or I want the extra buttons or it dies… I killed the battery on it once already. :)

The ball is a lot of fun, but Joycons are good too.