Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


The human eye can’t see above 30fps.



So wait, if you have to use your phone for voice chat does that mean that the switch relays audio to your headphones via the phone or (more likely) you can’t do voice chat + game audio simultaneous without speakers?


That is a myth that has been trivially disproven many times.


He put a “/s” there, which is a marker indicating the preceding phrase was sarcastic in nature.


If we want to talk smack about stusser, all we need is to hide it in /s tags!


Timing is everything!


Is that what that means? I never knew!


Yes, that’s exactly what it means!



Wait… does it or not? You’re all screwing with me, aren’t you?



I shit you not: I don’t think I’ve ever used the /s suffix before. I nearly didn’t add it because I thought what I’d written was so obviously bollocks but… safety first, eh @stusser? ;-) Then you go and say you never knew what it meant!


I can’t speak for the others, but I kind of am.



We should add a Discourse script that plops a “/s” at the end of everyone’s post.



If only we could give “likes” to a post!



A wonderful idea @stusser while you’re add it add ‘dislikes’ as well



I had no idea that sarcasm should always be followed by /s.

You’re all in trouble now.



I wish I’d never used it now.



I don’t blame you for this nonsense, just like I wouldn’t blame the person who threw the stone that started an avalanche.



We’re all about love and forgiveness here.



Omg, /stopit


They should have called it the “Nintendo /s”. All of their plans would look a lot better with a /s at the end.