Nintendo Switch

I didn’t say it was their B team, only that it looks like a B team game. You could argue Transformers: Devastation was the same way and it was awesome. I only suggest we take a deep breath on the marketing hype.

But everyone is welcome to set their own expectations!

Yeah, well, yesterday on the show floor they revealed that it’s possible to flush the toilets in Astral Chain. So whatever, Tim. The hype train is off the rails now.

but it looks SOOOO COOOL

; )

For real tho, I’m hype for it.

I don’t know much Zelda lore, but this was interesting. Spoilery, I suppose? The part about Zelda looking surprised and what you can hear in the music playing backwards was interesting, at least.

Re: For the King

So i have it. It does support multiple contollers for couch coop, its very misleading on this.

For in the same room 3 player, it really delivered for us. Lot of great moments when Fate frowns upon one of us. Had a blast. Despite the leisurely turn based play it gets intense sometimes.

Reading about Zelda timelines is simultaneously the most engrossing and most pointless thing I do.

Buddy, let me tell you about a little place called Glorantha…

Wow so here’s some interesting news that game freak just slid under the radar during the treehouse yesterday: you will not be able to transfer all of your Pokemon from Home into Sword and Shield. If a Pokemon is not in the Galar pokedex (which apparently is about 800 of them?) you will not be able to transfer that mon into either game. This is a big change for the main series games.

At first the thought was well maybe they just needed to cut down some development time to make November but maybe the next games would add back in the missing Pokemon and the national dex. However, later on Masuda clarified saying that from now on this is a new Game Freak policy for all Pokemon games going forward.

So basically, every game from now on will have a selection of which Pokemon can appear in that game and it will vary from game to game.

As you can probably imagine, the internet is taking this well.

Ah, well that’s the context I was missing from this tweet:

That’s got to be a huge bummer to all ten people who have been successfully bringing forward all their Pokémon since the DS games.

I mean, it’s a perfectly reasonable change to make. Having ~300 Pokémon available in a given game is far easier to balance and design around than having all of them, which will almost certainly be over 900 after this game. It also leaves them open to doing third versions or same-generation sequels with “all 900+ Pokémon!” as a selling point.

It definitely looks pretty solid. The non-combat stuff is a lot more extensive than anything else they’ve done.

Moving the other character around to wrap things up looks pretty annoying. It gives me bad memories of the frustrating parts of The Wonderful 101.

I said to @Mike_Cathcart that this looks like The Wonderful 101 for Dudebros who don’t mind stylized “adult” looking anime. I’m ok with that!

Has anyone tried the new Contra Anniversary Collection & any thoughts? It doesn’t have many reviews yet and $20 seems a little steep considering some games are near duplicates.


I’d like to have Wonderful 101 on Switch so that I can play it, then decide whether this is of interest.

I didn’t pick any of Konami’s various Switch offerings because their scope is so limited. Even the arcade games one is lacking a bunch of major games that could be found in their DS collection 10 years ago!

The arcade game collection is literally just a compilation of games that already had ACA releases, not some new collection like the series-specific stuff.

Crypt of the Necrodancer is 80% off this week, making it essentially free (i.e. probably less than the “Nintendo Coins” you have). Promotion for the launch of Cadence of Hyrule, I assume.

The switch release includes all previous DLC’s apparently, so it might be worth it for that if you haven’t played them.

Just grabbed that Crypto of the Necrodancer deal. Also grabbed Cadence of Hyrule since the only reason I went to the eStore in the first place was to buy it. Unlocks at Noon…

And since Monster Hunter Supreme Switch Ultimate TNG was on sale for 50% off I grabbed that up as well. Hope I don’t burn out on Monster Hunter before the Ice Age expansjon hits for Monster Hunter World on my Xbox.

I’m curious about this but it almost seems like a straight reskin of Necrodancer…