Nintendo Switch


Nintendo made a console and then they revealed it and we talked about that for far too long. So now we can talk about the actual console that exists and people have. Thank you.

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That sentence should have been the thread’s title. It would have been much clearer.


I started off with something like that. But man the clever thread titles get old after a while and if this one lasts as long as the old one did it’s probably better being something simple like this.


Yep… with such a exact title now, I’ll never find this thread via search. :)

Example, search for MARIO PEOPLE HANDHELD GAME SCREEN, it will not even list this thread.


You’re no fun!


Tweaked it a bit. Otherwise, agreed.


True. But you know what is fun? Pokken Tournament DX! I hadn’t played much Pokken since the Wii U version but I tried the Switch game last week and I really like all of the new characters that have been added. I haven’t purchased the dlc yet but I’m thinking about it.


I am sure there is a German word for this.




Specify search by first post only . ;)

How do people even find stuff on this forum!?!?!

Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console

I really liked “NIntendo Switch 2014 edition”. People would have been asking wtf that topic was about for years.


Anyone import Switch games?

I’m seriously thinking about buying Super Robot Wars T when it comes out in a few months and wondering how import friendly my NA Switch will be.


Nintendo Switch — How to convert MP3 for iTunes. Why should one thread get all the spam?


You know what I really liked? Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon! Now that’s a Nintendo Switch game that was interesting!

The Switch is region free. I haven’t bought any physical games from other regions but I did play a bit of the Japanese version of Monster Hunter off of the eShop before it was announced for the US. I had no problem with it aside from not speaking Japanese :)


Hey just a quick thank you to everyone who gave me flight game suggestions in the other thread! I am buying some now, particularly the weirder ones :) Cheers all!


I am about to preorder it. I really liked V and X on the Vita, but didn’t finish them because I don’t play my Vita much anymore. On the switch it should work.

I’m not 100% behind the series included, but I can live with that.

the only caveat is that normally you can’t access DLC from other regions (Asia or Japan in this case -I heard the Japanese version might include English support?-), at least in the Vita, so DLC is out. Games are long enough as they are, though.

Edit: To clarify, I got a Play-Asia email saying that the Japanese version might include English support. If somebody knows better and can clarify, I’d love to hear.


Pretty sure you can make a Japanese account to get the Japanese DLC


You can also create multiple accounts, one for each store (EU, NA and JP) and buy your games online with Store points cards to fill your respective wallets. While you can buy digital codes for that in the US, I think you are required to buy physical cards in Japan. You may be able to order online code for specific games and DLC on though (I have yet to try it).
You don’t even need to use each account for their games: you can just use the same one for all, while leaving your ghost store accounts on the console to access your games.
Or you can buy the physical copy, as it’s been said, there is no region-lock.


I do have a Sony JP PSN account but:

    1. Changing accounts on the Vita was a pain.
    1. SRW X and V in English where Asia region.

So I didn’t want to make yet another account tied to yet another memory card.

How do different regions accounts work on the Switch? somebody knows?

Edit: ah

Ok, so I can have a single memory card in a Switch with several regional accounts and access everything without any login/account change?


The Super Robot Taisen games got strangely localized in English for Singapore or Malaysia… anyway Asian countries where the series is mightily popular if I remember. It was a major feature on some of the PS4 release. Maybe the Switch version will benefit from it?
Edit: oh noticed in your later post you were aware of that, ha ha, sorry!