Nintendo Switch


I have big bulky hands and I find them very comfortable that way too. But I don’t use the silly plastic extra parts.


Nah, I don’t use those either.


Agreed – the joycons are fine when attached to the system, and I’ll sometimes use them with one in each hand (though for the most part I wind up gravitating to the SN30+ instead). Using one by itself is barely acceptable in a pinch for multiplayer when there aren’t enough controllers to go around, but I still wound up buying a few cheap USB controllers instead for that.


I like being able to hold them separately in each hand, letting me lounge however I like if it’s on the TV. Attached to the console I have no strong feelings either way but I have tiny hands - I much prefer the PS4 controller to the 360, which seems to be the opposite of most people.

My one niggle is the wireless signal seems to be super weak or my cons/switch are defective. I lose signal enough that it’s annoying but not a deal breaker. If I reposition it usually picks it up fast enough but… annoying.


Correction; they will still repair them outside the first year, they’ll just charge you to do it (unless you get lucky). :)

I had my right joy-con’s sync button break, so it no longer works as a standalone single controller. Apparently another common point of failure, as the ribbon cable that connects to the main board is folded and sits on top the battery, where all the heating up must weaken it.

Ordered a replacement ribbon cable for $3 so I can try fix it.


I’m pretty sure that’s called ‘tilt-shift’ and it’s an effect used to make scenes and figures look more like miniature models (emulating the kind of low depth of field in macro photography and video). I think Pikmin and The Wonderful 101 did something similar.

The new Link’s Awakening looks lovely though!

Edit: d’oh:


D3 just published a golf game named “The Golf” for the Switch.
It’s 10 bucks, as is about their usual pricing of their Simple games, but the quality of those titles, being developed I suspect by widely random studios, always varies enormously. It seems to have two sort of controls (classic timing presses and wild joycon swinging around) but features the same obnoxious art style as Sony’s animu Golf series. No idea if there is online multiplayer, how many courses there are, if the physics are bonkers, well basically I know nothing. The Nintendo page sends to a site that sends back to the Nintendo page, which is very Japanese.

Includes golf courses with up to 18 holes.

Consider yourself warned.


Replying to myself, it seems it’s a dog. Single course. Boo.

What isn’t a dog is that Tetris 99 thing. That’s just genius.


Yea Tetris is great but I really need to find out the best strategy to get badges. Right now KOing a person seems like pure luck. There are games where I string together 3 tetrises in rapid succession and get nothing and there are other times where I get badges like they are free. I’ve toggled the different targeting strategies but that still doesn’t help move the needle. I’ve even tried targeting people manually at the expense of my board. It still seems like my success or failure is purely luck driven.


I’m really digging Tetris 99, but I agree. If I’m lucky enough not to get targetted by too many people at once, I can do well. If three or more pile on, then it’s over. I’ve tried the various counter-targetting strategies (e.g., targetting those who target me, or targetting the badge leader) with no noticeable results.


I think the idea when you’re getting heavily targeted, is to target attackers and clear quickly and steadily. 1 or 2 rows at a go.


From what I’ve read online, 1 row at a time doesn’t do anything to hurt your target. It has to be 2 or more.


Tetris 99 is great. Feels very random, but I’m having a lot of fun.


Make sure you’re using the L button to hold onto a piece you might need. Usually that’s a straight one, but you might want a T too.

Being targeted can make Tetris 99 no fun if it happens to you a lot in multiple games. I’m just ok at Tetris, but there have been a few games I got run right out of town in 95th or so because everyone hammered me at the start


I really like the look of Final Fantasy IX on the Switch. I haven’t picked it up, I wasn’t really planning on it, but from some reviews I saw it’s like the best version of the game yet to release. I tried playing this on my Vita back in '13 and got about 3-4 hours in and was having fun but other games/things happened and I never went back to it. It’s probably in my top 5 Final Fantasy list, but I don’t really remember why, other than I recall it being a return to a fantasy setting and a more traditional combat style (I’ve since called FFXII my favorite FF game, but I still enjoy the old-school stuff from time to time - just a few years back I got super into FF VI on Steam, for example).

Anyone else pick up or thinking of picking up FF 9 on Switch?


It’s definitely on my radar but will likely get lost in the flood of good games already competing for my time. I had heard some one (Jason Schrier on Kotaku I think) say it was a bad port or maybe a port of the mobile port? Can’t confirm that though.


That’s different from what I read, but it’s hard to say. I was going by this:


Yeah but if you’re being heaviliy targeted, you’re defending and not really attacking anyone. In that situation clearing a single row does have a slight benefit, as it won’t trigger the red flashing block that turns into garbage.


From what I can see, there is a music bug in the Switch version that’s in all the other ports too. S-E does minimum effort on these things.


Some rumors that it’s Scalebound. Could be BS.