Nintendo's E3 2017 spotlight video was - Oh, God! Metroid Prime!

Finally, we got a tease for Metroid Prime 4. More accurately, Nintendo showed off a title. A title that elicited orgasmic cries of glee from gamers.

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Wow, it looks like the Xenoblade 2 protagonist has a Midlands English dialect! That’s amazing.

how can you say you support “competitive experiences” and ignore a port of Melee or a remastered melee on the switch? The only competitive game that Nintendo actually produced is pointedly ignored by them. Bizarre as usual.

Nintendo doesn’t treat or support Melee as a competitive game, and discounting Splatoon, Pokkén, and Arms as competitive games speaks more to your disinterest in Nintendo’s other games than their supposed ignorance.

Screw Metroid Prime, we’re getting a new 2D Metroid! OK maybe not a new 2D Metroid, but the next best thing!

Is that accent not used very often in games?

It’s not no, especially for protagonists! Off the top of my head you’ve got the dwarf from Vermintide, maybe some of the peasants in Witcher 1, and Conrad Roth in the Tomb Raider reboot. I’m struggling to think of any more!

And, oops, I should have said ‘accent’, not dialect.

The first Xenoblade Chronicles’ characters all had English accents of different varieties. Maybe there was a midlands one in there somewhere!

I’ve only loaded up Xenoblade Chronicles on Dolphin once but did notice the English accents.

You can listen to samples here

Oh cool, that’s interesting. The voice acting sounds pretty good too.

Right, because it was localized by Nintendo Europe at a time when there were no plans for a release in North America.

Well the new game is also being localized by NoE, but this time there definitely are plans for a NA release. :) Which makes sense I guess since it’s simultaneous worldwide.

XCX though, was localized by NoA and contained US voices.

Yeah, I believe they’re doing for continuity’s sake since this is a direct sequel.

I mean, I think all of those should be discounted. Tournaments may exist for these games, but they are on a completely different scale compared to Smash and Melee. Not to mention, Melee is where the money is going.