Nioh 2 - Turn demons into loot again

I had a much harder time in Nioh 1 than in 2, though I did play most of Nioh 1 with light armor trying to dodge everything, while in 2 I have a lot of toughness and block a lot. So I’m not sure if 1 is harder or if I was making it hard for myself unknowingly. ;)

Think they said 2 was the last game in the series, and are on to other IP. They could always change their minds in a few years.

Nice going, Tim!

Wow. I worried for you, Tim. Congratulations!

So, how many hours?

Just a hair under 190 for PC to do everything, plus around 200 on PS4. It didn’t feel that long because I love the gameplay.

Nobody can say you didn’t get your money’s worth, that’s for sure!

Epic is giving away both Nioh 1 and 2 bundled. Should I start work the first or just jump to the 2nd? For reference, I played all three DS games and loved them all (well 2 not so much). Same case here?

Edit: It’s actually just Nioh 1 complete edition. I don’t know why I thought this was a bundle with both. I’ll just play that.

I just jumped straight into Nioh 2, I heard it had a lot of improvements over the first one.

That’s to be expected, but if the first’s content is good, it might be worth my time.

Only the first game is on giveaway.

I’d say that it is. 2 improves in various ways that would make it hard to go backwards, but 1 is still well worth experiencing. I would say to save the NG+ endgame stuff for the sequel, but at least do a single playthrough to get the discovery process with all of the levels and bosses before you move on.

Downloaded Nioh from EPIC and gave it a quick try. I’m using KB + Mouse, should I just give in straight away or is there actually a way to make this playable without a controller?

I’ve never tried. It’s clearly designed for gamepad, and it seems like it would be an uphill battle to make it work on keyboard and mouse. You’d have an easier time with sniping headshots from stealth, but probably a harder time with precise movement and with the actions that use multiple buttons together.

I have mixed feelings on the Nioh 1 giveaway. Nioh 2 is just such a dramatic upgrade. I’ve already warned a few friends who got on board with the Epic giveaway that they really ought to just start with 2.

Tell your friends they might get pretty frustrated by the first few boss fights!

I guess if they like the game but don’t feel there’s enough to it in terms of mechanics and variety, then Nioh 2 is the answer.

I’m on the third mission after stalling on the first one for a LONG time. Things are starting to click, but I’m having trouble with Ki management. Between blocking/dodging and attacking, I feel like I am always Ki-starved, but I’m pulsing perfectly after almost all my combos. It’s manageable in normal gameplay, but when I get into those Yokai areas with the slowed Ki regeneration, it’s enough to make me want to throw my controller out the window.

Is there anything that helps with that, or is it a fundamental-enough skill that I just need to git guder?

Drink the… sacred water, I think it’s called. It will help negate the slower ki then in the dark areas.

Those are challenging areas. I bet a good chunk of my deaths were in the dark realm. You can try kiting enemies out of it, though I believe you do more ki damage to enemies in it, so there’s a “benefit” to staying in there.

They disappear when you beat them, so use those consumables.

Yeah, you really have to adjust to a less aggressive fighting style in those realms. It helps to be patient and super careful.