Nioh - Demo on PS4


Finally got to Way of the Wise and…wow. It feels like I’m playing vanilla Diablo 3 on Inferno difficulty.


So, I’ve been trying to gradually phase out the throwing build crutch and it’s working out quite well so far. I might have to return to it once I get to the dlcs (or the final boss of the main campaign, can you even hit the heads without a ranged weapon?) but for now full melee is working out great. Of all the weapons I tried I liked Tonfas the most - they’re very fast and agile so it’s a pretty good fit for my dodge focused playstyle. I just couldn’t come to terms with a katana, the range is pathetic and I always messed up Iai because I can’t seem to let go off of my left stick when needed. Same goes for parrying, I’m not sure if I’m going crazy but it seems like you can’t parry at all if you’re moving. Spear also felt underwhelming in my opinion. I didn’t even try Odachi or the Axe because they’re so slow. Which leaves dual swords, the only weapon I haven’t extensively tested yet - I’m kinda hoping they’re similar to Tonfas in playstyle but I fear I’ll have the same issues as with Katana - namely parry and Iai. Tonfas on the other hand have very simple inputs, the Iai-like skill is on hold Y instead of RB+B, it activates faster and it’s generally easier to utilize. I’m also slowly getting used to Demon Dance, which really adds a whole new level to combat fluidity of this weapon.


I too spent most of January and now a good chunk of February blowing through this game! It is fantastic and has sucked up far too many hours of my life.

And, sounds like I’ve had a pretty similar play style. My first run through was a kunai/kusa build that worked pretty well. Pumped up dexterity and blew people away. But i definitely agree that because of that I didn’t build up as many skills. Now I’ve switched to a dual sword/kusa combo. . I haven’t used Tonfas much, but if you like how quick they are I think you’ll like dual swords. But they have a pretty tiny reach and arguably their best move is the Iai-esque Sign of the Cross.

First couple run throughs were all Iga set. Love the speed and the ninja look. But going through the end of Way of the Demon I went to a Kingo/Master Swordsman combo. Little more toughness and health helped a lot

Of course as soon as you get to Way of the Wise everything can one shot you real easy, so it honestly might be worth going back to a more agile armor. I’ve unlocked most of Way of the Nioh, but when I play those levels it’s not really playing, it’s running around and trying to survive. On a similar note, did anyone else feel like the DLC was a big jump up in difficulty? Some of those bosses and new enemies took me forever to get past.

And the loot really has me hooked. I spent a good hour and a half trying to farm for an etheral sword for the Master Swordsman set with the Sign of the Cross bonus. No luck, but gained about 20 levels so that’s something.


Sign of the Cross is the best attack in the game. I also like the timing-based combo that dual swords have.

The DLC is a big difficulty jump. You’re supposed to play a little into the next NG to even out the curve.


Have you tried Kusarigama on WotN, outside of Living Weapon mode? I’m a little tempted to make the switch again because I realized that Tonfas have terrible tracking when it really matters.

Also tried out the dual swords and predictably I didn’t like the SotC, or rather the controls needed to execute it.


Just double-tap then hold circle button and you’ll never miss an Iai strike.


Moving messes up the draw, same with parry.


Well stop moving!


Yup, they still work really well. On humans the pull to leg sleep is still effective (though it doesn’t knock everyone over anymore). For yokai Reaper still destroys horns really well and savages health. Bladespin still is great for crowd control. Being able to hit from a bit of range is really nice since pretty much everyone can kill you in 1-2 strikes.

As for SotC, yeah it’s very much an opportune move. I normally use it after dodging backwards to punish a missed attack. Same with parry, basically stand guarding, wait for attack. Dual swords are actually a very defensive weapon (I think they have the best block stats in the game).


Way of the Nioh (final difficulty) is so easy. I’m still using my optimized Way of the Wise gear and unlocked the final mission.

I made a build with 100% firearms damage reduction so I take no damage from any projectile in the game. Maybe that’s why!


The only thing left is the Abyss. 999 floors of Progress Quest.

I stared into it, and uninstalled.


If I enjoy the Dark Souls series, would this game be for me? Usually I play a sword and board tank in Darksouls. Love the positioning and rolling mechanic…


Probably. Combat is similar but different. More dodge/parry based, no shields but you can block. Levels are discrete but still Souls like, they aren’t all interconnected, bit more like Demon’s and it’s hub system but even smaller levels.


Just beware the first few missions will seem extremely difficult until you get used to it. And you’ll never get a super tanky build in this game.


Just picked this up in the sale. Was already looking forward to diving into it, but this did a particularly good job selling it.


Very excited to get this on Xbox One in a few days. $50 for that version, but it’s the only system I can play it on.


I look forward to hearing your early impressions! I may have mentioned this, but Souls veterans seem to have trouble adapting, so try to go in with a fresh perspective.

I believe you’re looking for the NieR: Automata thread!


I’ll keep that in mind. It’ll probably be a couple of weeks before I get to it though, as I’m in the middle of Dark Souls 2 at the moment, and definitely don’t want to confuse my muscle memory by swapping back and forth between them.


Yeah that was a disaster when I tried it. I kept drinking healing potions when I wanted to do a heavy attack, and the dodge and interact buttons are swapped.


Man, I get them mixed up every damn time I google them too.