NJ Democrats Making A Push for Marriage Equality This Legislative Session

The slow march of progress continues:

The entire NJ Congressional delegation signed a letter of support as well.


Christie has previously stated opposition. We’ll see how it goes.

Somehow, I imagine the press conference for this to be tits to tail goombas saying, “no homo.”

“You know I ah, I support the right of ah, man to take the hand of another man, no homo. And to love that man as his partner, no homo, holding him close, kissing him in the morning when he wakes up, no homo, and the sunshine spashes acrossed his gorgeous fruitcake abdomen. Stroking each other’s hair and making concrete decisions about estate planning and cake decoration, as I am told that these men do by my cousin Sandra who watches Bravo Network, a network with which I am not familiar and will punch you in the nose if anybody says I Tivo it for anything besides the shows with the models, who are sexy women that interest me very much because of their breasts and womanly pubic areas. I anticipate that their marriage ceremonies will be very tasteful and feature the music of Erasure prominently, as well as colors that are like the colors I as a straight man who never experimented with his roommate Curly-haired Kevin, sophomore year in college, know as orange, red, blue, and green, but go by special fancy boy names such as ecru, vermillion, periwinkle, and sage. In closing, let me say that I completely support this legislation because I want to see some chicks kiss each other.”