No Hands...the Everything (Football|Soccer|Footie|Futbol) Thread

Match could be the turning point of this EPL season. We have the superior bald our day is coming. Here’s hoping Spurs to defeat Arse tomorrow so we can indeed be in title contention.


The rule of offside needs to be changed. That first goal was complete nonsense. It easily was still on the mind of every City player when goal two went in too.

Don’t get caught up in the fools gold of one offside play gaining a win that Man U never should have gotten today.

Regardless of the rules interpretations, we were the better team in the game and reduced City to nothing but a side way passing team ala Spain WC 2022. Our boys neutered your midfield for most of the time, rendered Haaland invisible and toothless, and ETH making shrewd changes after the intensity has dropped in the second half while creating more chances than Pep’s team.

Maybe if pep didn’t want to leave the result in the hands of an interpretation of the rules, his team simply should have tried playing well.

Only problem is they can’t buy Liverpool unless they sell PSG first. They could take a minority stake in a premier league club though.

Chappers, will you trade #levyout for Qatari oil money?

On the side of United we have our first bidder

I’m lukewarm about Ratcliffe/Ineos after reading about that they have done a petty shite job at Nice so far.

I’d hope that if he were the owner of United he’d actually bring in competent decision makers to run the footballing side of things. Something which doesn’t appear to be happening in France.

Paratici with the longest ban suggests they feel he’s the main antagonist here. Will be harder for lolspurs to acquire more wingbacks for Conte.

Lego Pep > both baldies

Pep and Conte?

Let’s recap January 24th, 2023 for Everton:

  1. On the verge of selling Anthony Gordon to Newcastle for less than Chelsea had originally offered over the summer

  2. Marcelo Bielsa turned down the opportunity to take over as manager

  3. Tottenham hijacked their incoming loan move for Arnaut Danjuma after Danjuma had completed medicals for Everton, filmed the welcome video and gone through the Toffees training room and meeting some of the players.

  4. Farhad Moshiri just announced that the club is up for sale.

That’s a pretty full day.

Well we will have Conte and Kane off in the summer with Poch back to make us play more attractively but not win anything for another 20 years. All this and the most expensive season tickets in the country. Wish Daniel Levy and ENIC would jog on.

I feel bad for Roger Bennett.