No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)


Niiiice. I’ll be revisiting this game for sure.


I haven’t touched this game since about two weeks after it first came out, and those trailers made me recall that of the 20-odd planets I visited, I never once encountered a single body of water, or any other liquid sea/lake/river. Several of them had lots of flora/fauna, but were otherwise just a bunch of random, drab hills and shallow valleys, with the odd cave or two, and occasionally some repeating rock formations. No rivers or lakes, or mountain ranges, or even slightly different biomes on the same planet, and I was very quickly bored silly.

Has the game changed much in terms of geographical generation since then?


It had changed quite a bit even before this update and the new terrain in the trailer looks like it is a lot better. There’s subtle bumps and ridges in the terrain that were not really present in prior builds that look a lot more “natural” to the eye.

I’m actually pretty impressed by the noticeable jump in quality.


I am excited to try out multiplayer. I was looking for a space sim to play with friends, and we all like survival, crafting and base building. I like when devs keep improving their products, and finally plan to buy this after the update.

Hmm, I said Survival. I think that is a separate game mode? Can you play Survival multiplayer?


It’s still one biome per planet. Most of the variation is across different planets, not within a single planet - so you’d probably still be bored.

It is a seperate mode but really quite similar to normal - just much harder. I don’t think anyone outside of HG knows the specifics on exactly how it will all work … only one week to go and we’ll find out!



As someone who hasn’t played the game yet, the new trailer and the release on XBox One in a week (finally!) make the game look like a very tempting prospect. This game has evolved a lot and in a very good way since release.

Given Sony’s position on cross play, it’s unlikely I’ll get to play with any of you who own the game on PS4. But maybe Xbox / PC will be enabled? I hope so. Would be neat to go explore and build with Qt3ers.



There are lots of archipelago worlds, and also worlds with the occasional lake, but they still don’t seem to have the hang of oceans and continents. Which is probably for the best because oceans are boring if you are above them. But the archipelago worlds are annoying because they tend to have few points of interest so you have to fly for a while before even finding a simple shelter, much less any useful installation.


The one thing I want this game to have which was advertised, is fauna v fauna interaction. That is the thing that will get me to really enjoy and love the game again, sitting on a planet watching herbivores grazing, carnivores chasing and eating herbivores and using the terrain like water and vegetation properly.


Cross play requires a developer / publisher owned infrastructure for matching players together. Given how small the Hello Games team is I’m doubtful this will be the case.

I do suspect that this may be released on Xbox as a “Play Anywhere” title, which would at least allow Xbox One and Windows 10 players to cross play. This is rampant speculation on my part though, based on the fact that physical copies are up for pre-order but not digital ones. May also/instead mean it is coming to Xbox Gamepass though.


Doesn’t it have that already? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen aggressive creatures chasing around others.


There are ocean-island worlds.

(Reference: have built bases on them)


I don’t call those oceans because all the ones I’ve seen have like a mile or two of water at a time, with a network of islands. An earthlike world would be large continents and large oceans, and I haven’t seen that yet.


Yup, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen creatures hunting/attacking other creatures.


Yeah. Predators will run around in their crazy little circles and if they happen to bump into something edible they will kill it. It’s not exactly realistic behavior, but it’s something…


/shaking head

No. IIRC, there have been “blue ball” worlds with specks.

But you are right there are no Earth-like 30/70% worlds generated.


Is it like this? Especially note the 1:18 mark.


Yeah that E3 trailer still has stuff that I don’t think is possible in this game , 4 years later. ;)


So this game basically became Star Citizen? Looking forward to go back, I love the sound design, there is something about the game (for me at least) that makes it feel “real” …


Could not agree more (it feel(s) real …)

For me it’s the level of immersion. I typically prefer an out-of-body third person perspective when gaming but I wouldn’t dream of playing anything other than first person. At all times you are “in” the game. No lame cut-scenes or transitions. When you enter or leave the atmosphere of a planet you are “there” the whole time and everything matters. Your angle of ascent/descent, thrust, pitch, yaw… I never get tired of this.

Similarly, the variety of planet biomes and weather. You are typically disappointed but not overly frustrated when you get to a planet where you expect to spend some time and it has severe weather or even just a grim landscape. Just enough to make it a genuine pleasure when you next get to a world with mild weather and ‘natural’ beauty.


But the only backer is Microsoft. ;)