No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

Goddammit. Now I have to fire up my PSVR version just to check this out. It sounds awesome.

Came here to post about this. Looks really cool.

Sweet, time to dive back in yet again!

I have this mental image of an organic ship thinking “Free Food Delivery!” when you board it … trust issues?

Organic ships remind me of Babylon 5 and Farscape, so seeing this in NMS makes my nostalgia glands tingle! ;)

The thing is, HG has stated that even more updates are coming. Given what they have put out so far, it will be interesting to see what else is on the table. They really have made up for the disaster the game’s release state was.

And Lexx!

Those are properties ripe for video games. I wish they were more popular. I’m getting kind of sick of Star Wars and Star Trek.

Oh man. I’ve had NMS fir ages and had never got more than 5-6 hours in with a single game. I trudged thru the tutorial planet once and hit to space and still had no idea what to do. I’d reinstall after every big update and Peter out before getting off the first planet.

But yesterday I installed again and had my ship repairs inside an hour, survived a blizzard, and took off to the second planet’s beacon and landed at that deserted campsite. Soooooo much better and quicker than any other time I’d tried it. I think the new quicker start was added a couple of updates ago but I must have never given it a chance. Plus the elements you need to craft we’re all fairly close by. I recall one previous start were I had to try and walk for over 30 min to get to something I needed but never could cuz I kept dying from the weather or acid or whatever. So if you haven’t tried in a while due to the long tutorial section it used to have give it a try now. It’s much easier to get into

Thanks. I got further than the tutorial about a year or so ago, but I haven’t really tried for at least the last two updates.

Mass Effect could do a space ships game.

Booted this up in PSVR. Damn, the living ships thing takes over 3k quicksilver to unlock. That’ll take a bit to get to. Bummer.

NMS fancies itself a “sandbox” game and you’ve pretty much summed up precisely what it wants to be when it grows up. I love that Hello Games keeps improving and adding new (FREE) content to the already massive (infinite?) playground. I’m playing casually, on and off, and seem to have only scratched the surface but I also feel like there’s no real rush or pressure to get anything done. Well, maybe that’s not entirely accurate…I mean I have a load of missions all over the galaxy that keep me busy but the lack of any deadline or timeline means I can do it all at my slow pace and just enjoy the ride. ANyway,I think that’s precisely what Hello Games is striving for.

How many Star Trek games have been released recently?

And to update, it tally isn’t as onerous as I thought. I was under the impression you could only do one quicksilver mission per day ($250 each), but that doesn’t seem to be so- I did three yesterday. And I did the big Weekend mission which netted me $1200 or so. So I’m most of the way there already. Meanwhile, a lot of those missions make you good money- digging up ancient bones, you even get to keep the Epic bones you need, so those missions netted me ~$2 mil apiece! And I finally got my freighter, and am building my first real base, etc.- they changed it so you don’t have to go through the base mission chain to get stuff like exocraft, etc., so lots of QoL improvements. So much to do in this game!

This game is the worst (best!) at getting side-tracked. I love it and I hate it.

My session usually consists of “ok, here’s my goal tonight: fly to X, do Y, and attain Z. Simple.” Hop in ship, start flying, do a scan, see a new POI, land ship, grab the loot, maybe explore a bit, launch again, see another POI, rinse/repeat…fly to space, save a freighter, eventually end up at a station and trade for new maps and discover new POIs, maybe grab a mission or two, get sidetracked all over again, perhaps end up with a new blueprint, teleport home, build something new… finally think about getting back to the main goal of the night but now it’s time for bed so I’ll put it off till TOMORROW night… and it goes like this for days, weeks… I love it and I hate it.

Frankly, i’m not in a rush so I’m taking my time building up my income and my base and always on the lookout for a new ship buy. I’m currently up to about 12 million and I have a load of nice cargo to sell tonight, including an ancient alien relic (my first one) for over 2 million. I know there’s probably a method of making 100 million in an hour but I prefer to earn income more organically and still get giddy over every Gravitino Ball I snatch and run away with and sell to the nearest pawn shop!

You play exactly like I do! Except lately, I’ve almost managed to focus on getting the QS for that living ship. Almost.

Good luck with that! Maybe we should start a support group.

I still have no idea how to acquire Quicksilver but I suppose some alien with tell me sooner or later. For now, I’m addicted to hunting down alien relics for big $$$

Go to the Anomaly. Right next to the landing zone there’s a big computer that gives missions. One mission on the list gives QS as a reward. Mostly, QS is used for cosmetics, emotes, etc- almost none of it is ‘gameplay’. Except the new Living Ships.