No thread about the Oregon Wildlife Refuge standoff?


I think part of the problem is owning and driving a car is largely seen as a privilege. Owning and bearing arms is considered a right. The biggest difference in this militia in OR scenario is these individuals armed themselves heavily and purposefully put themselves in harms way. They were given a lot of leeway and patience. The unarmed individuals slain by the police were given no benefit of the doubt even for a split second.


Agreed. It’s a totally reasonable position to hold, but getting legislation to that effect to withstand scrutiny regarding constitutionality is another matter.


I am all for enforcing the “well-regulated” language of the 2nd amendment.


That’s what I want. Stupid 1970’s Supreme Court!


That part of the amendment is never brought up by most gun owners.


Please no.

Also, a PSA: If this actually happens and you see a link for or the Deseret News, if you value your sanity do not read the comments . Seriously.


I think that most responsible gun owners would say that owning a gun is a right, but that you also should be properly trained.


Negotiations have broken down with the the last 4 remaining occupiers. They are now prepared to wait as long as their supplies last.

I don’t know what kind of leverage they think they have right now.


Whatever, let them wait. They’ll get bored and lonely, and the cops aren’t letting folks go back and forth any more, right? So whatever. Play it cool, no need to fuck everything up at the last minute now that it’s almost completely defused.


Shut their power down, turn off the internet, don’t let anyone in or out, and jam their mobile phones. Then hunker down and wait. Problem solved.


Now that everyone else has gone home, these guys seem to be sloooooowly realizing that maybe this wasn’t a game after all.

[Ya’ll Queada guy David] Fry also brought up the idea of being pardoned if he and the other militants were arrested. He said if the militants were pardoned, they would go home.

I think that ship has sailed, buddy. I don’t know that anyone is interested in letting these hold-outs slink off anymore.

I wonder what “as long as their supplies last” means to these guys? Once they are out of trail-mix? Or once starvation seems to be a real possibility?

The FBI, [B]according to the militants[/B], is prepared to wait them out if necessary, and negotiations are not moving forward at this time.

I bet that is not the case. I suspect the FBI will roust them out in the next day or two.


Why would the FBI risk another shoot out when in a another week these people will beg to be allowed to leave?


As long as they prevent them from coming and going at leisure, stocking up at the store, adding more militants, letting children in there… i think they can afford to wait. These guys were really scared yesterday so they should at least let the emotions die down before trying anything.


I imagine cordoning them off 24 hours a day indefintely gets pretty damn expensive.


The FBI has handled this pretty well up to now, going in on 4 people with guns blazing sounds like a pretty stupid change. Especially if the reasoning is to save money.


Who said “guns blazing” other than you? These nuts aren’t Special Forces. It’s hard to believe that you’d need a brilliant military tactician to disable and apprehend them.


So we’ve circled back around to “go in and get them” versus “wait them out” eh?


I say play Born In The USA at a moderate volume, like 100dB, at them until they surrender. How long can anyone last against the Boss? Of course if that doesn’t work they might have to bring out the big guns: Neil Young.


More like Gangnam Style and Macarena.


Good suggestions!