Noita - all the pixels simulated!

The map layout / world has a Terraria feel to it. Many different and hidden biomes. Some secret areas, items, etc. Of course this is all well outside of the main goal…progressing down due to the “roguelike” structure, unlike Terraria.

Also I think the location of each biome is fixed, but the layout, enemies, items, etc are random.

There are also from what I can tell rare events that can occur.

The locations of the map pieces relative to each other are fixed, yes, and their internal layouts are random, also yes.

In addition, it’s quite right to say that most of the game lies outside the critical path of “pressing down,” but I still think that should be your first objective. I am proof that basically just doing that can last a large number of hours!

Is this just like the Souls games in that you just quit, which autosaves everything, and then next time you play, you continue from there?


I have been finding some really cool things.

I have also been dying in really cool ways…


I don’t even use that spell anymore. I consider it a trap!

I’m more like, “the shield, it does nothing!”.

Funny thing about that was I didn’t have an explosive spell anywhere, and i really wanted to take a look at that wand - so i thought, maybe this saw cuts wood? Well, it doesnt…

The drill will, though. And it’s safe! Although I think it will make sparks from metal, which is probably bad if you’re covered in oil.

The permanent shield will only absorb so much damage, and since it’s pretty close to your body, it won’t always protect from large hitbox projectiles (which I’m pretty sure those stupid saw blades qualify as). I don’t even touch those sawblades anymore in normal play, although I’ll bet there’s something you can do with them to make them worthwhile.

I wish there was more information when you mouseover spells. I just had a run end because i picked up a new spell: plasma torch (i think? Something plasma). SO i load it up in a wand, and i go to test it. I was levitating a bit, with a little bit of forward momentum and…the torch appeared directly in front of me, and i pathed through it, taking 130+ hp damage. It’d be funny if it wasnt so sad.

It’s still funny.

I know your pain, though:

lol, i know that one! I died to it a little while back - i was playing around with something and I think it was on a trigger - these bolts would fire and where they landed, they cast plasma beams. Just fucking nuts, and the crazy part was i was thinking…hmm, this is weird, but i think i can manage it. Except like 3 cast later and it got a little hairy, and i spammed a bunch of shots and there were plasma beams all over the place…

There is both plasma beam and plasma cutter, though I can’t remember the difference between them. Someone on Reddit a couple of years ago put got the homing perk (or maybe a wand with homing, they don’t really say), but combined with plasma beam(or cutter?)…


Everything was going so nice, and then, everything started exploding


and apparently a xenoworm was involved.

But i did find a pretty sweet wand:

I’m totally with you on that. They suck. I just plunder any wands that contain them and throw those stars of death away STAT before I kill myself. I wonder if more skilled players have a strategy to use those effectively.

Impressive mayhem.

That is a sweet wand. Subpar mana recharge, but with that big a reservoir who cares.

At this stage, i’m finding a new favorite toy every day or so. Until recently, it was chain bolt. Chain bolt is awesome! Today, it’s Freezing gaze! Freezing gaze is even better than chain bolt!

I also have a question: so when a really huge worm shows up and starts chawing through the ground, that’s the cue to gtfo, right? One does not fight massive worms, do they?

Well that’s usually my cue to GTFO, although I have been forced to slay annoying worms. It is not trivial, though.

I think i’m becoming better at Noita. I find I can now generally get to the 4th level pretty reliably, and if i’ve had some good luck in either spells, wands, perks or all three I can go a bit further. I’m starting to get to the point of knowing what most of the spells do, where they are/aren’t good, and how to construct some good basic spell combinations. Nothing elaborate just yet, but it’s a work in progress.

I am still finding inventive ways to die.

I had a great run end because a worm went and ate a ton of world, and so when i went to holy mountain, immediately the gods were mad at me and i couldnt get past the guardian.

I had a run end where I was testing out new spells in a wand and it teleported me out of holy mountain before i collected my perk. So i spent that whole level trying to get back in to get my perk, and I succeeded! I found a levitarium potion in the adjoining zone, and got back to the mountain, and died when it collapsed on itself because i went back in.

I had a fantastic run end where i had that perk that restores life when you pick up new wands. I totally cleared the whole biome and was heading to clear the adjacent one, and i decided to top up my health with a wand, and it conjured some massive explosive in my face which just detonated. Good times.

I feel like i need to go for a smoke or something

But maybe I should give a quick shout out to my special abilities: invisibility, fire immunity, soft material dissolution, and who could forget 50% chance to not have abilites disappear after you select one!

Congratulations, you beat me there by a fair margin (I had about fifty more deaths by the time I squeezed out my so far sole win).