NOLF2 for $25

In case anyone is on the fence about this great game…

If that crazy URL doesn’t work, just go to

Or better yet - use this link and help support QT3.

I missed that price break, time to make a banner.


They also just put up BF1942 for $19.90.


Thanks Jim…

I just bought Nolf 2 and UT2K3 from gogamer…

gogamer is much better than EB since they don’t have the 48 hour madness… gogamer kicks major ass…


No one is getting Mortyr for only $.99? :roll:

BF 1942 is going for only $19.90 .

You’d think that if they were going to go to $19.90, they’d just go to $19.42 and make it a lame joke.

This must be why the site is not responding. Someone must’ve reported it to slashdot.

That link was broken for me. If there are going to be ways we can help Qt3 with more banners, please post a subject about it here in the Games forum. I’ll happily do my shopping that way.

As someone else pointed out - the site got overrun, so links to it aren’t resolving. They really need to build up their backend. Seems every month they have one game priced so good it kills their site.

I will mail Mark about leaving a regular link up to gogamer.