Non compression cross-drive easy backup program?

I keep all my backup files in 2 different drives. An older FAT32 and a USB NTFS drive. I’d like to have an easy to use back program that looks at the directory structure I have (not the whole drive just an individual drivectory) and looks at the destination directory, sees what changes and only copies those files. Since I only update the FAT32 drive, I’d want the files added t show up in the USB drive. Right now copying/pasting overwrites every file regardlss. Thanks for the help! :)

rsync.exe will do what you want, but there’s probably something easier to use out there

That’s interesting, but I don’t need to upload it to a remote host… which is what I thought that was written for?

There’s a nice sync program I’ve been using called Unison. It’s open source and free and I can’t be bothered to link it so you’ll have to use Google. Good little program though, I use it to sync my iRiver in the absence of a nice iTunes-like solution.

SyncToy from MS is free, and works well, albeit only on XP if I’m not mistaken.

robocopy is a command line app that you can run with options to copy a certain set of directories or file, exclude some, copy only if they’re changed, and delete files that don’t exist on the target media.

Download the entire resource kit, but you can delete it after getting Robocopy out.

I used it with removable hard drives to do a nightly remote backup.

PS: Why FAT32?

So I can ghost with an older program from a DOS prompt.

Darn, looks like synctoy needs .net framework 1.1 to run. I only wanted to have 2.0 on my machine. Think there’s any way I can force it to install and use .net framework 2.0?

What, you can’t afford the extra 40 MB for the 1.1 installation?

Nope. There are a few dozen ways in which .net framework 2.0 is not backwards compatible with the earlier 1.0 and 1.1 versions. So you’ll need to have a side-by-side installation of .net 2.0 and .net 1.1. Like Cristoph says, you’ll be giving up some diskspace.

jpinard – just install 1.1 – they don’t conflict.

Roger – shame on you for scaring users with pages meant for programmers. FOR SHAME!

I use a fairly simple freeware app called FileSync which does what I need it to do, namely synchronize multiple folders so I can back up my work files to our server.

Robocopy! Although it is prevented from backing up files of OCP executives.