Nostalgia, Gaming, and You!

The teams were really great in that one. Many were lost or never the same after this one: Heidern, the Korean weirdos that almost came out of nowhere, Heavy D and Lucky Glover, Goro Daimon’s invincible mode, King’s crazy reverse dragon punch spamming, Athena’s impossible fury…
There was just a genuine wackiness in the design of this game and of Samurai Showdown 2 that I feel was never matched on the same level — it felt often engineered afterwards, while there was really a crazy enthusiasm in both those games.

The current 3D Samurai Shodown feels the most like these old games to me. It’s a really solid design if you haven’t played it. That’s probably because of the old school developers that were involved in creating it. SS2 is so ridiculously good. I still play that with my son regularly. He loves Caffeine Nicotine.

I agree though that KoF has had its ups and downs. I’ve played them all. '98 is still the one I probably enjoy the most whether it’s OG or redone in Ultimate Match. 2002 Unlimited Match is up there too, as is XIV. I am very excited to see XV.

Yes 1998 felt like the '94 that could be played in tourney. I felt it was quite snappy after 95 and 96 (was there a 97?). It’s the last one I played “seriously” (by that, I mean that I actually studied combo), but those combos were getting a bit too technical for my shaking hands.
Garou has been our single favourite fighting game with my wife since. It’s relatively simple while featuring most modern advances.

That new Samurai Showdown has been announced for the Switch, I’ve seen! But I wonder how that will fair technically.

The only ACA NeoGeo’s I’ve actually purchased are Garou and KoF 2002. I was torn between 2002 and '98, but `98 is actually the one I played most in arcades, and I regret not getting that one.

I haven’t bought any of the fighting games on Switch yet. I think mainly because I own them elsewhere already or I didn’t have the controller for them at the time of release. With the M30 now I do have something perfect for them but a lot of my arcade Switch time is portable. That’s usually JoyCon play.

Garou and one of ‘98 or ‘02 would be my picks for non-weapons fighters though.

@Left_Empty I’m definitely interested in how Sam Sho turns out on Switch. I hope they can pull it off.

My travels are limited to my bed lately, so I have the best of both worlds: the awesome picture of the portable screen, and the M30 in my hands!
The Joycon are nifty for Outrun and Virtua Racing though (and Zelda, but that’s another matter).
It may sound like I am kidding, but I really appreciate the luxury of being able to set the screen independantly of the pad, after years bent over portable screens. Or, in other words, aging sucks.
Oh, I grabbed Horehore with my extra points… and wow, that’s one brutal game. Add Pacman to the list of inspiration (although, I guess that doubles with Heiankyo Alien). The areas are massive. And you weren’t kidding: that’s one heck of a soundtrack!
Also to note: unlike the early Neogeo releases, this one got the sharp scanline filter as an option. I really wished they’d include the option in the earlier games.

Reminder that the 1CC marathon has just begun.
You can check local time schedule here.
I have to do stuff, but can’t pull my eyes away from the screen @_@

(and that Rush & Crash action is something!)
(Seriously, catch a replay of that one, it’s something!)

I’ve been busy today so finally got to put it on. Double Dragon… never in a million years did I think this could be beaten on one credit.

I created a thread for it… to bring it to wider attention…

Sirtech Origin and Microprose were my Nintendo

I snagged the Neo Geo games I wanted. Zed Blade, Sengoku, Metal Slug, and Aero Fighters 2 were the pick ups. Still not convinced I want any fighting games on Switch and I own '94 on cart so that wasn’t appealing to rebuy.

I think the sale continues through the next week so I may snag Kid’s Horehore yet. I did just get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare today though, and of course Apex looms large over my gaming lately.

Still, very excited to play some more Neo games on Switch. Sengoku is actually rather affordable as is Aero Fighters (on CD if not on cart) but for $4… why not get them this way?!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen nor played Zed Blade/Ragnarok.
The first Metal Slug is by far my favourite of the series, because killing Nazis never gets old, and the wackiness brought by the rest of the series just made it too confusing for me.
I noticed you mentionned another Neo-Geo run&gun earlier, Top Hunter, which I looked up as I didn’t had the chance to play it back then. How would you say it compares?

I remember playing a bit of Sengoku when it was released but not being fond of it. Maybe because of the ultra early style (my favourite wave of Neogeo games is what I’d call the second early wave, around mid 1992 to mid 1994).The second game though, we loved it so much!


Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy is definitely less Metal Slug and more action platform. It’s the type of game you definitely play for a 1CC since it’s not terribly hard (although I haven’t 1CCed it) but also has some interesting and very enjoyable mechanics! Basically you hold down the button to reach out your arm and can grab enemies or objects or background to pull them to you or you to them and then sometimes carry things around. Of course, you can use all those things to bash the bad dudes. You can at certain points pick up a gun and shoot dudes or ride in a mech (also with extendo arms) and those add variety as well as the bonus levels which are skateboarding challenges.

It’s pretty unique! It’s lovely to look at with lots of personality and great animation. It also has a really good soundtrack that fits its setting IMO. It’s one of those Neo games that a lot of people don’t know too much about but is just a really great time, especially for $8. It took heat when it was released for being short but that’s because people quarter fed their way through of course. Every Neo Geo game is short when played that way.

I like pulling it out when I want something different from standard fare, and like all ACA releases you can attempt high scores on one credit, which really makes it a ton of fun trying to rise up that leaderboard and get further into the game on one set of three lives.

Yes it kills the interest of about any arcade game to not limit one’s self. We were taking revenge on coin-up games back then, and it probably hurt all those non-vs fighting games much as a result.
It’s funny to rediscover why they were so cool to play in the arcade to begin with, simply by implementing again the core limit to their gameplay.

I’ll see how I fare at Top Hunter when I’ll grab it, now that it’s been put on my radar.

Sidenote: the other day on one of his streams, Pasky showed some of the process into figuring out games, and a thing he does when he can is to debug the ROM in Mame to figure out droprates. He put up an example of a pretty detailed and nicely done sheet he built this way for The Magic Sword.
Anyway it’s interesting to see the different approaches: some guys rely on Gamest and learning Japanese, and others, like him, work on figuring out all that stuff on their own. A shame he doesn’t publish books, if you ask me, but as long as he cycles his games on his channel (I watched him do a Magic Sword, then a Black Tiger/Dragon commented playthrough a couple of days ago, and both were amazing).

Shinobi’s Sega Ages take is releasing this week in Japan, and they revealed the extras. Amongst all the usual cool stuff, they are advertising the option to map a button to the melee attack. Such a great idea, they are just the best.
Not only that, but activating that option makes you part of a dedicated leaderboard, as completing a level with melee attacks only give you a special bonus that is much harder to get otherwise. They are really the best.

Yeah, I saw what they were doing with Shinobi and I can’t wait! No idea when that gets to the US store. Hopefully soon.

I haven’t read it yet, but I think this issue of Retro Gamer is something you should import…

It’s got an interview with folks at M2 as well as lots of stuff on the MD Mini.

I’m wondering: on one side, I’m curious to know about those awesome guys; on the other side, I just like the magic of it happening without knowing how and why — a bit like I stopped watching DVD extras quickly enough.

I should probably get it, store it away and read it in 20 years, where it will have become retro, ha!

I have been steadily making progress in King of Dragons since the marathon. I am now clearing about 1/4 of the game on a regular basis, an achievement which the 17yo-me would have been blown away by. Strangely enough, the repetition of the learning process is profoundly entertaining to me. I must say I am very fond of the wizard, who is at the top of the risk-reward curve — he can do massive amount of damage… if you stick in the face of the monsters who can kill you in two hits.
This is a very strange new experience for me. Which shows any genre of game is probably great, once you are show the right way to play them, even 30 years after.

I’ve been working on Battle Circuit, and I’ve made some progress. I can make it through the first couple levels consistently on a single credit, but still die consistently to most of the bosses. I have gotten down to the point where I only can clear every individual level with 0 or 1 continue (basically, I may need to continue on each boss once), so that’s like 7-8 credits or so? Better than when I started, but still not great.

I took a break from that because Smash Bros. Terry has me in the mood for some KoF, so I’ve been playing that a bit. Every couple years I toy with the idea of actually getting good at a fighting game, but I don’t have the commitment. The gulf in mindset between my casual (but frequent) arcade play as a kid and actual competitive play is too huge.

I haven’t even launched any other fighting game since dedicating myself to King of Dragons. I don’t know what is happening to me!

New hamster promotion that should hit other stores by tomorrow:
less variety for this batch, titles I see right now are KOF’97, Garo Densetsu Special, KOF’95, Garou (yeehaw!), KOF2000 and Garo Densetsu.

They’ve put a bunch of KoF and Fatal Fury games on sale for Terry Bogard’s Smash Ultimate release.

I’m good enough at Street Fighter V to feel competent, but I put it down awhile back so I’d have a lot to relearn. I also got good enough at Samurai Shodown (2019) to feel competent, but just don’t have the time to be more than that. I definitely feel like those two games do the best at transporting me back to the early '90s though.

I bought a Retro Bit Genesis 6-button controller on Monday but haven’t tried it yet because I got sick. Hoping to give that a spin on the weekend if not before. I got it to use with the Sega Genesis Mini.

I think I’m actually “better” at more recent games like SFV than games I’ve played for more like KoF98.

Mostly because modern games have training modes, but also because I built tons of terrible habits playing as a kid I would need to un-learn to play the older games well. I at least have a chance of approaching newer games with a clean slate.