Nostalgia, Gaming, and You!


Nice! Let us know how it is after you Mute Brian for all time.


And all this is coming from a guy whose favorite game looks like it ate a big bag of ASCII characters and then took a big dump all over the screen

How long did it take you to type in that Star Fleet game from Creative Computing, Brian???

I legit got those gaming magazines back in the day and would spend hours typing in the games from the “centerfold.” So great.

Oh man, keying in games from magazines to my TI-99 or TRS-80 was painful back in the day, because for a long time I’d just lose them when I powered off since I had no storage. I think I eventually got a cassette drive for one of them and it was bliss.

I’ll get started

It’s here!

Some pix included for scale. Performance is excellent. Just played some Atomic Runner and that’s a very precise game that felt really good. I’ve got the hilariously voiced Final Fight CD opening running as I type this. Great selection of games. And it’s tiny!

I knew what you were posting before clicking the thread ;D

The selection of games of the Western edition is clearly the winner in this one. How is the gamepad?

Haha! You know me well!

I actually used the 6-button I bought last time around for the original Mini so I don’t know! I did take it out of the box and it felt as good as the one I have for sure.

I’ll plug it in and give it a shot tomorrow. They’ve done a great job with these new 6-button controllers.

Super Locomotive is a very cool game. What a strange mashup of action and strategy with a killer soundtrack. The new Space Harrier ports are amazing. Played all that, some OutRun, Viewpoint, and that great Final Fight port. So glad I preordered.


Wow, very few people must know about this, it’s kind of blowing my mind.

When I got Nintendo Online on the Switch and complained about having to start over on World 1-1 every time I run out of lives, no one on Qt3 told me I could do this, so I assume no one here knew about this trick.

If I knew about this in 1986, I’d be a fan of sidescrolling platformers today!

Wait, how is it possible that people didn’t know this?

because it wasn’t in the manual for the game or anything and back in the day it’s not like you could just go online and find this sort of info.

Well, mind blown I guess. I mean, I have no idea how I knew about it, but at the very least it was common knowledge among my friends.

I never knew until today. Swear to Christ. It’s a total game changer for me. I’ve been around a half-century!

While not quite the up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A and Start, I too thought this one was pretty well known? Though I did sit at the gaming nerd table at lunch in 7th grade quite a bit. Those dudes were dedicated and ran around with gaming spiral notebooks full of tips, tricks and secrets. Pre internet times were strange indeed ;)

Did one of those dudes create GameFAQs? :)

It’s quite possible. Scott Marciille from 7A if your reading this thanks for the zelda walkthrough via hand drawn storyboards. Stellar work.