Nostalgia, Gaming, and You!

Hey it me!

Anybody else following this YouTube channel? It’s called “Conversations With Curtis”, and it’s run by Paul Morgan Stetler, the actor who played the lead role of Curtis in the old FMV game “Phantasmagoria 2”. He interviews pretty much anyone connected with that game, the first game, and a few other FMV games.

I have a fond place in my heart for those old FMV games, even though I really didn’t enjoy them all that much at the time, and his interviews are really quite interesting.

Yesterday, he released his most recent interview with Noah Antwiler (The Spoony One), the second half of which is them watching a highlight reel of Spoony’s old Let’s Play of Phantasmagoria 2, which is another fond memory of mine from about 10 years ago. I haven’t watched it at all in the past 10 years, so seeing this and their reactions to it was really funny and a great nostalgia trip.

Then I watched a video where he interviews a guy from Big Finish Games who is in charge of upscaling “Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive”, and they talk about all the technical challenges involved. I know nothing about these technical aspects, and yet it was fascinating. Turns out that some higher-res tapes have been discovered of Phantasmagoria 2 as well, and they get a bit into game preservation. I thought it was a cool conversation.

I had this vision of playing Legend of Zelda with my kid, just like I had played it back in the 80s. I remember it being really fun and fascinating and long and epic.

We played it today on Nintendo Switch online in the NES emulator. Oh my God, this game has not aged well. Absolutely terrible sounds. Pretty terrible controls. Very rudimentary graphics. Wow, I never expected this. Very disappointed.

Hello Gorgeous, at long last we meet again.

I thought this was gone years ago but I just found it in an unmarked box in the leftover from the move pile in the garage. It was at my parents house for 20 something years and I must have grabbed it when they passed and never looked inside. Welp off to Facebook marketplace for a nice CRT!

Fucking delightful, congrats.

That’s awesome! Even though tech has come a long way, there’s nothing like playing on a CRT. Good luck with the hunt!

A bunch of Arcade Archives are on discount on the Switch, and probably PS4.
Most Namco titles released this year are 30% off (I already had grabbed most of these) for their 50th anniversary, and a bunch of Neo Geo ones are as well. I grabbed Dave’s recommandation from some years ago of Top Hunter Roddy, and Nam 75.
Top Hunter is very unusual game for the Neogeo, almost like a mix of Donkey Kong country and Contra, with some wrestling moves thrown in.
Nam 75 is an old favourite of mine, since Hamster won’t port Cabal!

This might help.

I’ve played at least some of al lthe DnD GoldBox Forgotten Realms games (my roommate in college and I played thru PoR on his computer but he completed the final battle while I was in class and I may never forgive him). But I’ve never played the Krynn games. So I grabbed the bundle from Steam and jumped into the first one. Now I’d sorta played around with PoR again recently and the UI changes for the Krynn game were noticeably easier and I got a party made pretty quick. But then you go into the game and I can’t believe I used to play thru these things without building up the hate and frustration I did today. Wow! Soooo tedious even with its halfassed mouse controls to help. Still, some great DnD gaming if say Solasta is just not enough of a interface challenge for you.

Got this a (long) while back but hadn’t been able to spend much time on it til yesterday.

It is stellar.

New Game Boy emulator-thing? Accepts genuine Game Boy carts?

FPGA system that accepts original GameBoy carts (and many other portable systems with adapters).

Looks really slick. Was thinking about getting one myself.

That looks awesome. But how do they legally get away with this?

Jealous, I’m still waiting for mine.

Patent is over, I think.

It’s hardware that simulates all the original chips in the original hardware. It does all that inside another physical silicon chip. To the games it looks just like an OG Game Boy, Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance. All of them work right out of the box. There are adapters for Neo Geo Pocket and Pocket Color, Sega Game Gear, Atari Lynx, and best of all PC Engine/Turbografx-16.

There’s nothing to license and no illegal anything. Yes, you can get custom firmware that lets you run ROMs from a MicroSD card but that’s on the user to decide. Personally, I just like being able to play all the games I own physically/buy more stuff to play from time to time. Game Boy and Game Boy Color are black holes for me in collecting terms that I am really enjoying playing for the first time.

The screen… wow. It’s a sight to behold. Absolutely the best way to play Game Boy games. I have a DMG here with me and there’s just no comparison. The original is still super cool and a technical marvel of the time for cost and quality, but Pocket is damn near perfect in every way.

To be clear, patents on hardware are legal limitations to hardware emulation, but patents don’t lag that long.

I kind of want a Pocket, but there’s still no Lynx adapter and I have like 40 games.

@vesper You can preorder the Lynx adapter right now.

I will be getting it because I want the TG-16 one and I own a Neo Geo Pocket Color and some games also.

Some more photos…