Not a joke/meme: does anyone besides me have a paid WinRAR license?

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a massive slowdown with the recent 6.00 update vs 5.91.

I do. Bought back in the 90s. Still have my [email protected] registration email.

Haven’t updated it in a while.

I have a Ryzen 7 2700 and it takes noticeably longer to pop up the RAR contents in Win10 x64 with v6.0 vs v5.91.

The two of you dudes must have held up the entire company as everybody else in the world pirated it.

To be fair, I only have one license for 5 computers so I still feel bad.

And I’ve likely used my one license on probably hundreds of computers over the years.

But there is a special spot in the afterlife for people who registered WinRAR. I hear there’s juice boxes.

The two of you will have all the juice you can drink while the rest of us burn in Hades!

These days I don’t even use WinRAR anymore since 7Zip can handle it.

Yes of course everybody uses 7zip now.

I was tempted to get WinRAR until I got Directory Opus.

I never bought it. I just waited the 5 seconds each time after launching it. Or however long it was before you could press X and kill the message window about buying WinRaR.

I commend the handful of people out there who actually paid for this software on your honesty. Not quite sure why you don’t use 7zip, but I’m sure there’s a good reason… maybe.


Be ye not proud. This is everyone else in the world. Besides two people who will remain nameless. :)

I settled for 7zip. Not too many years ago I used the Frog but I forgot why I switched. There was something I liked about that one better though, maybe combining multiple large files or something.

Well this thread eventually lead me to the sad short story of Phil Katz, author of the ZIP format, so, uh, thanks for that?

Three. I’ve got a paid WinRAR license. I’ve been using it too much for too long, they deserved some compensation for their work.

I am a contrarian and preferred ARJ back in the day.

Apparently the developer of the ARC format who sued Katz and the PKWare folks and drew the ire of the BBS world to this very day maintains a small ISP that operates out on the Virgina portion of the Delmarva peninsula with his wife, which has an adorably quaint and homey little website run by and for the locals:

Geeze. You’re not kidding.