Nvidia RTX 40 series - buy a power plant to run it

But no matter what display they have, the only people it’s going to actually increase detail for are those who were under-rezing to get playable frame rates

That’s a really good point. Most people probably don’t do that.

I suppose I should caveat that by saying it will enable people to bump up some of the detail sliders. But in terms of more detail from the “higher” resolution of DLSS, it’s still capped at the display resolution.

You can squeeze more detail into a 1080p display with super sampling, higher than native resolution.

Dlss was originally designed to run higher than native resolution, as super sampling. Not for running lower resolution to gain performance.

You can still use it the old way, but they renamed it DLDSR. If you run DLDSR on your 1080P monitor you will see some additional detail, at the cost of lower performance.

Eh, I’ll just wait for the direct-implant cerebral imaging arrays.

Clearly, this is a serious matter, as the connector can melt as observed – just the same as the original problem with the [RTX 4090]

But will you still be around for 2077’s “braindances”?

Yeah I saw news of that the other day, and I got a chuckle out of it. I have my rtx 4080 with the normal, default cables without issue, by the way, although I have the tower resting on the side so there is less chance the gpu or the cables moving.

I have about 3" of clearance between the plug and the case door. Bought a Corsair dedicated cable, hooked it up snugly, check it every few months…no issues whatsoever. The plug is firmly and solidly in place, and there’s no stress from the case door or cable configuration to cause it to move.

Can we get an editor to save this article? Please?

I mean…yikes.

But while Nvidia made friends with all those big tech companies desperate for high quality, heavyweight GPUs to drive their AI advancements, the firm’s relationship with gamers remained a more torrid affair.

I do not think that word means what you think it does, Darren Allan.

Perhaps he meant tawdry, or he is low key denigrating the cards’ thermal performance.

I was thinking “tepid” is the word he was searching for, in context. But tawdry works, too.

Or horrid.

Perhaps “tumultuous?”

I think it’s the correct word. I don’t know about you guys, but my Nvidia GPU is smoking hot whenever I subject it to my load.

Are you transitioning to a @John_Many_Jars account?

But Nvidia think of the PC gamers who can’t afford $2k cards.