I get that one, but I need some help with the other references on these t-shirts.


What’s that Babe/Maria one about?

Also, if you don’t know what this means, it doesn’t matter is my new favorite phrase of the month.

Wonderful! Let’s see… “What are ye selling/buying?” is a quote from the shady shop-owner in Resident Evil 4. Pyramid Head is from Silent Hill 2, of course. There’s a Tetris shirt and a few Miyamoto motifs and a few more Phoenix Wright quotes but I’m pulling a blank on the rest.

There’s two Rez t shirts (the guy bottom left, the guy in the center under tetris). There’s also two Shadow of the Colossus shirts, the “grab something hairy” ones that have the tattoo pattern on the breast pocket area.

Top line: Ossu! Tatake! Ouendan! for the first two, Sabre Wulf for the last.

Bottom right is ICO. Middle of the fifth row down is Horace.

I only just got Phoenix Wright on Friday, and already I’m pointing at strangers and shouting “OBJECTION!”.

She looks a lot like Jet Set Willy’s wife, who won’t let him crash in the master bedroom until he’s cleaned up after his party.

The red shirt/orange blobs on either side of the gray Rez shirt are Loco Roco.
Two rows down from there on the left looks like the dragon from Adventure

+1 to red guy.

Ah man, not Harvey Birdman?

That was my first thought…

-1 to red guy. She’s his housekeeper, not his wife.

Ok…Harvey Birdman rocks, but Phoenix >> Harvey

Oh man I have to get that Knight Lore shirt.

Wow, they picked some relatively obscure games. I guess the shirts are to make you easier to identify on hardcore gamer radar?

That’s definitely a big plus. Retro shirts with like Mario and Pac Man are getting worn by casual gaming teens and such all the time.

I’m tempted to pick up the Ico one, but when you just see the outline like that they look totally dead, which is creepy.

Still am a fan of my Penny-arcade shirt…

“Jesus is my Guild Leader”

It should have underneath it:

“Confusing casual acquiantances and teachers since forever”

“Stop, Sabre Time” is from the classic Ultimate (now RARE) game Sabre Wulf. Still a great game.

“Horisse” - the purple/blue big-eyed figure with wibbly legs - is Horace, start of shonky early 80’s UK computer games like “Horace goes Skiing” and “Horace and the Spiders”, which were crap even then.

80’s UK gaming knowledge FTW!

Ack, yes, of course. Poor ol’ Willy.

It’s a good job my housekeeper doesn’t wag finger at me after I’ve thrown a party - I’m absolutely dreadful at performing a quirkafleeg.

It’s actually from Knight Lore.

More like 80’s UK gaming knowledge WTF!