Oblivion: PC or X360?

Sorry for the umpteenth Oblivion thread. I just got my copy of Oblivion for PC, and am wondering if I should stick with this or trade it in for an X360 version.

On the one hand, 52" high-def visuals = good. On the other hand, mouse = better than gamepad? I have a high-end rig, so I don’t doubt that I’ll be getting good-to-great graphical performance.

Any thoughts on what is the best way to experience this game?

I think all the mods that are emerging for the PC version might get it the edge if you’re into that sort of thing.


I ended up with both, but prefer the (melee)combat on the gamepad. My pc character will be all marksman + spells.

My main quest got broken on the 360 version, so I’m going to have to start a new character (or, more likely, load a 10 hour old save) in order to finish the game. If I had the PC version, I could fix it in 60 seconds with the editor.

Other than that, though, the 360 version is aces. Looks great, runs great, controls great.

I would not qualify a game that randomly eats ten hours of progress with the label “runs great”.


Wow, what happened? I played it all weekend almost non-stop and I had three hard lockups, all coming long into my play sessions. I heard about a memory leak in the PC version, could the same be in the 360? Or is heat most likely the simplest answer?

As to the question, I’ve found the xbox comtroller really easy to play with (marksmen focused character).

Matthew is a big fan of Elder Scrolls games.

Well, he did say, “other than that.”

As for the original question: I’m pretty biased, so I’ll almost always recommend the PC version of something, but it should be noted that I’m already using about 5 mods that have greatly enhanced the game for me, so take that how you will…

Can you configure the PC version to play with a 360 pad? I mean, you can hook the 360 pad up, so does it see it?

Allegedly not, but I know there is a utility out there that remaps HID Controller inputs to any given key, but I can’t find it.

The mods that are already out would make PC a no-brainer for me already.

I have a nasty bug that makes the game lock up hard (No escape to windows, no task manager) if I try to load a game from the main menu. That’s my only beef. Starting a new game and then hitting F9 is the solution, but it adds 10 seconds to loading and, thus, pain.

  1. 40 hours in with no issues, runs great, and no time spent tweaking my PC to run it well.

I think the first patch to the pc version is adding 360 pad support?

I think

I would have thought that one of the advantages of playing it on PC would be full mouse and keyboard control. Why would you want to play it on a gamepad?

Honestly, I have tried them both and the interface is kind of tuned for a gamepad. Of course I am biased in this regard since I didn’t get a chance to try the PC version until well after I had gotten used to the 360 version. The gamepad controls things fine. I would suspect if you want to play a sniper type the mouse would give you better fine aiming but when you are just laying the smack down in your full plate and shield the gamepad actually works better IMO.

– Xaroc

Damn, if I’d known this was a PC title I might have bothered reading the other 84000 Oblivion threads. If I hadn’t just hit 60 in WoW this month I might be looking for a new game ;)

I really do like the melee using the triggers for block and attack. For ranged combat, yeah, gimmie m/k.

FYI- for pc users dealing w/ the crap interface, those mods ‘fixing’ it seem to really be progressing nicely, check the official forum, if you can get to it (server canna handle the load!)

Playing the 360 version and loving it. Achievements. No PC configuration. Surround sound, giant screen, lazing on my couch. Seems to be the whole Oblivion experience intact from talking to my PC-playing friends.

If you like aggressive modding, that probably turns the tide to the PC version.