Oblivion: PC or X360?

Get that Minions of Mirth screenshot outta this Oblivion thread!

Thanks for posting that tip Evil. Note to self: visit Skingrad often.

Ooog, good god. That looks like Lords of Midnight or something. Please get a new gfx card soon, for the kids.

Just thought you should know, if you pick up a free Mages Guild Charter, its all in there on the 2nd page :).

Ah thanks.

Bob, are you running that on a 286 or something?

Oh, that’s not mine. I stole it from GAF and the URL seems to indicate they stole it from Yahoo Games.

That really is hilarious … I am running on two PC’s, one that defaulted to ‘medium’ and the other to ‘ultra high’, and while I can see a significant difference , it is nothing like that!


I have a little time on both (actually a LOT of time on the 360 version, and a little on the PC).

If your graphics card is dated - say less than a 6600 GT or 7600 GT / X800 or X1600 - the PC version is going to have some annoying performance issues. Ditto if you’ve got like 512MB of RAM in your PC.

For the most part, the two games are identical. I mean, this is a situation like Call of Duty 2, where the 360 and PC versions are so close in visuals, general performance, and play mechanics that you’re not “missing out” getting one or the other. The game plays WAY better with a gamepad than Morrowind did, maybe even better than mouse and keyboard depending on some personal preference.

I’d say the mods are the big reason to push someone toward the PC version, with faster loading times coming in a close 2nd.

Overall performance (for those with dated PCs), big HDTV gaming, and achievements are the 360’s strengths.

Pick your preferences.

Oh, and totally forget the 360 version if you have the Core bundle. But you shouldn’t have that anyway, because you know better, RIGHT?

It’s handy as a reference, but it’s by no means exact. For instance, the so-called specialists of Illusion spells in Bravil had neither Chameleon nor Invisibility spells to offer.

Someone actually rewrote the shaders to support Geforce 3/4 Radeon 8500 cards. Looks something like that.

I find it annoying too, but it’s not that bad. If you sneak up and shoot from near the max distance, you can usually tag them fairly well. Or so I’ve found. Even after they notice you, they are far away enough that only moderate adjustments are required.