Oblivion "quietly pushed to 2006"?

I think they learned their lesson with Daggerfall, which was a mess. Morrowind had some bugs too, but they weren’t nearly as bad (for me anyway). What I am looking forward to most about this game is greenery. I hated the stark, desolate wastelands of Morrowind. I want trees and rivers and castles that look like something Ludwig II would build.

edit: not a real bethsoft post

Man, I hope the wow factor of the graphics isn’t too dumbed down. Good news about it coming out this winter though.

Most of the rumours in regards to the game being delayed surfaced when we recently switched Oblivion over to an 8-bit 2D graphical engine.

Haha that’s a good one :).

Just keep in the quixotic racism and I’m happy.


Ah, good times.

Hey man, what’s wrong with randomly animated Ultima III graphics? That game rocked!