Odd internet problem

I have Verizon dsl and I’m using a router. I haven’t had any problems until recently. My connection has slowed tremendously and I drop constantly.

Another really weird thing is, I’ll be connected and be able to access a site (for example QT3) but then I try and go to google or another site and it will not find the site or it will be down.It’s only certain sites. I know the sites aren’t down and it’s on my end. I just can’t figure out the problem.

I’ve contacted Verizon and they’ve been little help. The typical reset and unplug router doesn’t seem to be working and I have to have a router. I’m both wired and wireless in the house. Any suggestions? I’m whittling away at all the possible simple fixes bad cables etc, but is there something else I should try?

What I’m running:

Verizon modem
Linksys Wireless N router WRT160N
Mac book pro
pc laptop
Xbox 360

Do all of your systems experience the same problems? Do you still have problems if you omit the router and connect the modem directly to your pc?

How old is your modem? For some reason, they tend to degrade over time and eventually start having speed and connectivity problems like the ones you’re experiencing. If it’s more than a few years old, have Verizon swap it out.

Problems occur on multiple systems. I haven’t played with out the router long enough to experience a problem and modem is about 3 years old.

Tried changing your DNS settings on either the router or modem? Those affect all your systems if they’re not using unique DNS settings. You can try on one machine by adjusting your IPv4 settings in the adapter settings page to use a different DNS than whatever the router/modem are feeding you. Try this site. It calculates the DNS servers that would most likely resolve the fastest based on your IP. Give the first two IP’s a shot.