Of Orcs and Men?

Hey y’all, I couldn’t find a thread for this, so I apologize if it’s a duplicate, but a new RPG was released today on Steam called Of Orcs and Men.

To me, it looks cool because it focuses on being on the Orc side of things, which seems different to me. Anyone else heard of this thing?

I have been keeping an eye on it, and it’s something I plan on playing after a price reduction. (Mainly due to my gaming budget being eaten up by other games)
The Orc perspective is a breath of fresh air, I just hope it doesn’t become parody.

The combat looks interesting, reminded me of Kotor, or Dragon Age Origins, but with only 2 party members. I plan on watching some post release LP’s to get a better idea about what it actually is.

It’s by Cyanide. Tread carefully.

I saw the previews on Steam a week or so ago. And was all excited, until I saw the Cyanide logo.

I may still consider it eventually, though, as it does still seem like an interesting twist, if nothing else.

I liked Gmae of thrones, but only 2 characters is startign to feel like Diablo to me (verse more of a Dragon Age vibe of thrones). Not sure if they can hold my interest, if that is the genre they are shooting for.

I have watched a video. And the gameplay seems too similar to that Game of Thrones RPG.

While searching a Gameplay video in Youtube, I ended on some trailers mislabelled as Gameplay. People that lure viewers to watch his video with the word Gameplay will have a special place in hell :P