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Do you bother sharing resources with your ally until you’re rolling in cash? I made some attempts, but the daft thing just buys its own stock (and mine!) rather than upgrading.


Nope, I just cut him off and used his resources to upgrade faster and get more claims so I could make more money faster. You’ll get his stock anyway when you’re buying out the opponents that own the most stock in him. The challenge snowballs extremely quickly once you have a couple buyouts completed and start making dividend money.


Thanks, that did it! Scientist and completely and utterly uncaring about debt worked wonders. I was at something like D+16 by the time I won.


Thankfully, the AI cares more about buying your ally than buying you, and all the purchases you make help buoy your stock price.


Yeah, that one definitely takes some work to get done. IIRC I went with a different strategy of going expansive and using my ally to fuel some early Geos while locking down power around the map, good to see others succeeding in different ways though.


Alright! I managed to get onto the final two challenges. I’m not playing Against the Grain - the colony is hungering for electronics, water, food and oxygen - but you can’t make any of those things!

My initial attempts have been to play power robot, monopolising all the Silicon. Unfortunately the starting price of electronics is a huge issue. Maybe it’s better to just eat the debt of life-support? But power is one of the few things I can make money from!

Scavenger, I suppose, might be an option - aiming for some early kills. Any thoughts?


I just took a stab at it again since I couldn’t remember what I did. I’m 99% sure I went scavenger in the upper left and founded late at around +$900, or I went where the fifth player takes expansive by default. One of those two.

This time I went scav in the upper-left and grabbed up four wind turbines in the far corner on the ridges for early money, then switched into a smattering of other resources (including steel production at HQ5 because it was actually valuable). I screwed up by a) not driving up the price of nukes early so they were cheap to use against me and b) not defending my silicon. That screwed me when the price got to $600 a unit and anyone with actual silicon production left was able to outproduce me. Came up about $40K short on the last opponent as I was too late getting into offworld markets.

Also, a pleasure dome at HQ4 will make you a boatload of money even if power is high.


Finally! The persistence paid off. Scavenger was the right call.

Eventually I went for two (!) offworlds at HQ5, and managed to win it from there; vast quantities of silicon meant I could easily transition in and out of solar panels to handle power spikes, and the high price of electronics - along with some careful underground nukes - left me raking in 1k per tile from my aluminium mines. Victory!

Only one left to do.


And done! I’m now working my way through campaigns, since I’ve a done left to do. Starting with short 4-week ones to get my feet wet.

So far, Silas (the scientist with the free optimisation centre) is proving not-particularly-great. My run through with the Nomads was much easier.


This is an old cast, but is one of the most entertaining matches I’ve seen. (I’m still catching up on these old tournament games!)


these are really fun to watch. i love how i always learn new things while playing offworld even after all this time.


Hmm, why is there an Ion Collector Strike on Ceres?




Thanks for keeping on eye out here! (I would have posted it on the official forums if I hadn’t heard anything!)


We have the March FFA Final Round 4 cast video live today! :)


Here’s the final round of the March Free For All. :)


Offworld Trading Company is having a FREE weekend on Steam starting today! We’re also streaming the game on Steam. :)


Great stuff, was only talking it up to my brother yesterday.


Gah, the negative user reviews on Steam are so depressing and infuriating. I’m amazed how many people seem to need story with their campaigns. Various folk are saying it’s very shallow and there’s no strategy; that you do the same thing every game. I mean, look at this humdinger:

Don’t buy. Absolutely no creativity, you must do exactly what you are supposed to do or you lose […] Some resources are just completely useless.


good for about 5 hours to learn how to play it. then it is a waste of time and money! DO NOT BUY THIS! IT IS COMPLETE AND TOTAL CRAP



Yeah, the reviews drive me crazy. Just ignorant reviewers who don’t understand what they’re talking about. I can pick holes in the game, but those remarks are just crazy.