Offworld Trading Company from Mohawk Games


Those reviews are completely relevant for players like them though. There will be people who just don’t get it, and for them this isn’t a game worth the money. Pointing out poorly written or thought-out reviews doesn’t change the fact that there’s a segment of the gaming population who would come away from the game feeling the same as these guys, and they’re better off not spending the money.


Speaking of which, if you haven’t left a Steam review yet, this weekend would be a great time to do do so! :)


Absolutely, but the reviews don’t make it clear who those players are.


If you leave a review, be sure to balance out the negativity.



if you think any resource is useless, it’s simply obvious you haven’t played the game for more than 1 hour at max. It’s such a misguided and idiotic thing to say that there could be no other explanation


Seeing one of the best games ever made being labelled as “mostly positive” from the date of its release because of the way numbers work is the best advocating against the foolish toys the modern world seems so fond of, like Metacritic.

Most people don’t play multiplayer. I’d argue not playing multiplayer is not playing OTC, and I don’t care what campaigns apologists may think!


That’s the thing though: OTC is great solo or multiplayer (and scales well too). Skirmishes, the campaign, DLC and daily challenges, lots of variables to mix things up dramatically, replays to watch and learn from. It’s a fantastic package.

I’ve been playing Tooth and Tail these last few weeks and the campaign and skirmishes just aren’t that interesting, multiplayer is totally that game’s strength.


I disagree. The campaign throws up interesting challenges and I enjoy playing skirmish from time to time. Tooth & Tail is a great little game.

Of course, whatever general statement you make you’ll always find someone with a contrarian opinion. Especially when you try to talk up one game by belittling another that also has its share of fans. ;-)


It’s only psychological warfare, as we happen to be matched up for the next round of the QT3 Tooth&Tail tournament.


Hey, I don’t need to belittle anything to talk up OTC! :-D

I mentioned Tooth and Tail because a) it’s another modern RTS with bite-sized play sessions and b) it’s this month’s Qt3 tournament game (OTC was last month’s) so I’ve been playing it a fair bit recently. I should probably post an update on my thoughts in the Tooth and Tail thread but I’ve got to go to bed. Maybe tomorrow!

Either way, I completed my OTC collection today on Steam.



OTC is also a great game (I’ve got it all complete on Steam, too), but it is sadly lacking in the furious rodent department. ;-)


@SorenJohnson are there any future plans for OTC? I seem to recall that being discussed at some point, but couldn’t find it. Not that I want anything to get in the way of 10 Crowns development. :)


We still have a number of ideas planned for Offworld!


Great news!


Starting a new 4 week campaign on Io with Joji-5, I came across a bug: I immediately had a choice between ‘pirates’ and ‘mutiny’, but could select neither. An odd square UI element (checkbox?) appeared next to each menu option.

On restarting the campaign, I had the same problem, but restarting the game swapped the campaign options, and I no longer faced the bug.


This Io campaign has the wrong information for solar condenser engineers:


Thanks - by wrong information, do you mean that it produces Water and Carbon? (We try to specify that it only comes from certain types of Ice at the top.)


Oh, true - it does include oxide ice. I guess I’d expected it to indicate Io-specific values, as Oxide ice is only found there (and dry/water ice is never found there).

(As an aside, the Silas campaign on Io is hard.)


Starting next Thursday, Offworld MP will be free:


Yay! Looking forward to this.