Oh for fuckssake


Aside from the obvious, the on-mouseover expanding images are pretty awesome. I assume the porn industry pushed that innovation? Regular non-boobie sites should take the hint.

As an ass man, I too object to this unhealthy focus on oversized mammaries. More booty, I say!

Ew, no. It’s obnoxious. If I want to see a bigger version I’ll friggin’ click on it. Don’t do crazy stuff with the page just because I happened to move my mouse over huge chunks of it.

I like it! And it wasn’t advertising… yet.

“Vote in the Vixenrater”

So G4’s trying to out “guy channel” SpikeTV? Does SpikeTV do all that well outside of Star Trek re-runs and MXC?

Isn’t September the rumored cut-off date for the channel if they didn’t become profitable by then?

I can sympathize with your feelings on this, but it’s inevitable that G4 would do something like this. It always makes me wonder whether or not I really want my daughters to become gamers. Not that I have any say in it ;-)

Actually, the weirdest thing about the show is not the attempt to mainstream the fetishizing of flesh-toned pixels or the sociological implications thereof.

It’s that it’s hosted by Hal Sparks.

It’s that it’s hosted by Hal Sparks

…wow, the first gaming TV show that manages to be both Gay (as in homosexual) and Gay (as in perjorative playground/intarweb terminology). Good job, folks!

[size=2](yeah, I know Sparks isn’t really gay, but I really wanted to get my lame joke out…)[/size]

This is just what gamers need. More proof that the stereotypes are right, more alienation of women gamers, and more images that make it seem as if we believe these characters are real.

Can you imagine a show where the host walks through the Louvre and tries to decide which women in the paintings are hottest?

But videogames are not art.

runs for cover

But videogames are not art.

runs for cover[/quote]


Neither was film during the first part of the 20th century.

Um, whatever.

Don’t bag on Hal Sparks, he was a great host when they did the Top 100 Games of All Time. The pretend boobies don’t do much for me, but I’ll watch it to see Mr. Sparks hosting again.

Yes, but can any of these boobies start a car by gyrating?

What the hell? It’s just G4 now? It’s still G4TechTV here. And there Leo Laporte on G4? WTF?

Man I think what TechTV has been reduced to since the ownership change. You would think a quality tech based channel could be successful on cable TV with all the niche type channels that exist these days.

It could have been. G4 was never interested in that, however. They wanted to buy TechTV primarially to get into all the homes that had TechTV, but couldn’t get G4. They also hoped to transfer some of the audience, but from what I gather, the main reason was the access. There never seemed to be any interest in maintaining any of the non-gaming related content.

I saw that too. I wasn’t bagging on Hal Sparks. I like his work. It just doesn’t seem like this is his work. He can probably pull it off, but the juxtaposition between his usual schtick, the subject matter, and the otaku horndog audience is just bizarre, and it just seems like he is too high on the b-list to be hosting such a show. Maybe he has a drug habit.

It was. Paul Allen just didn’t want it anymore.