Ok, now I'm looking for a Wii

Anyone find any secret places to order them or anything?


I actually lost a bet with myself because it took you all way too long to link that crap

It was just way too obvious, man.

I hear the Nintendo Company store has them in stock. I was able to get mine (indirectly) through there the day before Christmas Eve.

I realize it’s a troll, but in case someone else is reading. If you’re willing to pay double.


Techbargains.com has a neat wii resupply page. Be careful and do NOT try to buy the Japanese version - darn thing is region locked.

You know, I just called Gamestop periodically asking them if they had any in. When they finally said yes, I asked them to hold one, and I drove my happy ass down there. It took about 1.5- 2 weeks calling every so often.

I’m also looking… I did manage to score a Wii Remote on Walmart.com today at least, but no systems. Best Buy and Target had some today but were sold out by noon when I got a chance to call. Meanwhile, I have an autorefreshing page up most of the time so I can hopefully get one online.