Old Apple II RPG/Adventure game? - SOLVED

Couldn’t find a ‘What game is this?’ thread with search so giving this a go.

Hoping someone might know what this game is! I used to play this old Apple II game at my cousin’s house when we’d visit as a kid. Probably mid-1980s. The only things I remember about are:

  1. It was a top down RPG/adventure game.
  2. It was a series of rooms, in which a room was the entire screen with an exit on each side.
  3. You played as a party of characters but they could be split up to move entirely independently.
  4. When a party member lost a fight, it would show ‘Elf lies dying’ or something like that during their turn.
  5. It’s not a Gold Box game or Wizard’s Crown or anything like that.
  6. Graphics were really simple & monochrome. The room was all black space with walls around the edges. Your characters were little icon type things like in the games in 5) but simpler.

I haven’t been able to find it with Google or old game sites so hoping this jogs someone’s memory!

My first thought was Temple of Apshai, but don’t think that had multiple characters.

Yeah, definitely doesn’t seem to be anything that mainstream either. I thought it had ‘Ring’ in the title but I’m probably misremembering that as none of the games w/ Ring fit.

Wow, tried to remember this damn game for years now, looking for it every once in a while. And minutes after posting this thread, I finally figure it out. Bizarre.

The Missing Ring by Datasoft. Wiki says, “In 1984 Softline readers named the game the eighth-worst Apple program of 1983.” Time well spent trying to remember this apparent dud!

The Magic Candle?

For some reason I never played The Magic Candle when I spent hours on Abandonware sites years ago.

Oh man, Magic Candle! I loved that game, it ate up six months of my life back when I was a senior in high school, I had pages of notes. In fact, I ranked it #7 on my top 100 games list we made a while back. Though I haven’t played it since then, so that’s some serious nostalgia talking, I won’t deny.

Lol, I actually came across that one earlier when I was trying to figure it out. I’d never heard of it.

I looooooove questions like this. Ask more!

You can always visit https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmyjoystick/

I have one then, that I asked about on the… Amiga thread, I think?

  • Amiga platform
  • Sports games, bloodbowl like
  • Topdown view
  • Mostly fantasy themed with various species.
  • Quite extensive team management in my souvenir (well, at least there was stuff to do outside the games)

and that’s about it! I remember it being somewhat tongue in cheek… sort of European comics styled.
This is a very fuzzy description :-/

Could it be Grave Yardage? That’s a side view though.

I had never heard of that game!
It is definitly in that spirit, although it was much more action oriented (in that vein, it was more ‘Speedball’ than ‘Madden’).

My other guess is Brutal Sports Football but that’s also a side view.

Got another that has been bugging me for years. Amiga game. Three players, you vs two AI and you’re basically a ball. You start in a center room and all 3 of you go for a ball. Each of you has a goal in a separate room. So your goal is to get the ball into an opponent’s room and keep it out of your own room. Once in an opponents room there is a goal that the 2 attacking players try to score in. I don’t remember it being too complicated, but played for hours on end. I think each opponent’s arena had special conditions and looked different as well.

Any ideas?

Projectyle maybe? But I remember another game with similar rules and a much more austere art… Name escapes me.

That’s it, thanks! I am not kidding, that has been bugging me for years. Just watched a video of the game play, so many memories. Not sure what I liked about it so much now either.

Very surprised to see it was EA as well. I thought it was some small unknown game since I have never seen mention of it since.