Old World Manual - Link Now Added! :)

Just going to make a small note, when talking about characters, the manual refers to all characters as ‘he’ (and obviously in the game itself there are both genders for basically all character stuff). I assume it was not a conscious or active choice, because in one single place about ambassadors specifically it says ‘he or she’.

I used tooltips in my current game to get the actual numbers for global bonuses from stats:

Stat level Leader Spouse / Heir (1/2) Courtier(1/3)
1 2 1 1
2 4 2 1.3
3 6 3 2
4 10 5 3.3
5 16 8 5.3
6 22 11 7.3

So the spouse / heir / courtier multipliers are just that: a straight up multiplier to the amount produced by your leader.

This does sort of fit triangular numbers; the proviso about odd numbers was actually saying that when the triangular number would be odd, add one to it.

The multipliers for stat type (compared to the table above) are:

Stat Production Multiplier
Wisdom Science x1
Charisma Civics x2
Courage Training x4
Discipline Money x8

There are also multipliers for relationship, of course, which work differently for positive and negative stats. For example, upset decreases any positive amount by 50% and increases any negative amount by 50%.

Fantatic work, Rho! Will add to the guide!

Added the tables to the guide in our new Appendix section!
RE: he/she - yeah…I went thru and tried to change as many as I could find but there are probably still a few lurking, and in some cases, like, talking about Cyrus…he really was a he, so…but yep. I’m sure there are still a few lurking.

btw - I’m sooooo excited! I just got an email from the Intergalactic Council! They’re saving a seat for me, and all I have to do is send them three easy payments of $39.95, and…
shakes head
Who falls for this stuff? lol

A bevy of small, incremental changes today, and added a new table in the appendix section (Cognomens)

Notes on rushing and faux rushing added. Began building the table for specialists in the appendix.

Extremely useful. Thank you!

Aside from Achievement badges and Legitimacy, is there no other benefits to Cognomens?

Hey Habibi, and thank you! Re: Cognomens, not that I can discern, no…however, there is a potential neg to relationship status with other leaders if your cognomen is “better” than theirs (they get jealous).

Not sure if it’s possible, but would love a markdown / github / wiki version of the manual.

But these are quibbles – the manual itself is amazing in terms of showcasing the game’s strategic depth (and pointing out which way to begin to think about some of the challenges the game poses) – thank you again for writing it!

Minor typo / question on page 65: “If your opponent has comparable tech, you need to be “much stronger” to attack effectively. If you’re comparable in tech, “stronger” will work”

Is that supposed to read “learned” and “competent”?

Hey there, and thank you! Yep…will make that change now…just putting a few more refinements in place and she’s just about ready! :)

It’d be really helpful if there was PDF index. In Word it’s a bit hidden in the PDF save options (create bookmarks from headers or somesuch), can’t remember if Libreoffice does it automagically.

Super minor note that with this week’s patch, Spymaster now gives Family Opinion and Ambassador now gives Religion Opinion (the two swap in the Heir Education table in the appendix).

Thank you again for the amazing manual, and looking forward to it being officially published and marketed – I predict it’ll draw new folks to the game (as it did me!)

Updated! Version 1.17…now includes notes on the edge case when you can assign generals to mercs (in the carthage section, tho technically it could apply to anyone with a Zealot leader (capture function) or an Orator (buy via Legitimacy).
Also fiddled around till I found the PDF options, so that’s squared away, and made the adjustment re: Alcaras’ note on Ambassador/Spymaster.
Links to Soren’s design notes also included!

Thanks a lot for this great manual! I’m halfway through and enjoying it a lot.
As feedback, on page 54 (version 1.17 from reddit):

Don’t be shy about building Shrines, the adopting a World Religion

Shouldn’t it say “Don’t be shy about building Shrines, then adopting a World Religion”?
I don’t know about the mechanics since I’m quite new to the game, but I found myself wondering about that, in my second game I avoided using shrines and went straight to found a world religion to avoid the character unhappiness penalty.

It’s still 1.11 here :’(

Edit: nevermind, onedrive weirdness: it’s 1.11 in one window, 1.17 in the other!

Welcome to the forum, Federico.

I still see 1.11 too FWIW. So maybe OneDrive servers aren’t synchronized / up to date yet.

I tried to copy the link that is working for me, to no avail. Hurray for Microsoft!