Old World (pka Ten Crowns) from Soren Johnson

Hadn’t seen this reported anywhere

Awesome news

“This Tweet has been deleted.”

Edit: no it’s not.

Still showing here, I’ll share. Probably in my cache or something:

Sorry, it’s just Twitter being stupid. If I go to her timeline it’s there.

Don’t worry, I hacked her Twitter in order to get the direct link to the page she mentions:

They’re neat avatars.

The avatars are cool, but I was really sharing it for the stealthy announcement of Early Access in April.

Gonna have to rename this thread, @jpinard!

Also, coming to Early Access soon (not April, as was mentioned earlier this year looks like, given some of the more recent posts here, but “before Summer” so late May/early June.

EDIT: Also, given it’s on the EPIC store but not Steam, is this an exclusive?

Goddamnit. I don’t want to use that PoS ever again but I might have to cave for a Soren strategy game. :(

The end of the trailer says exclusive. I don’t think I’ve ever used Epic.

“since finishing Offworld Trading Company”

Or, if you bought the game on GOG, “since abandoning Offworld Trading Company”.

Edit: I know a little more about the situation now, so the above isn’t exactly fair. Suffice it to say that Mohawk isn’t to blame for the situation on GOG, as I understand it now.

Would that be on Mohawk or is that on Stardock, the publisher?

Old World is not a memorable name. Ten Crowns had character. But I could care less about the name, I just need to try and remember it.

Irregardless, this is a day one purchase for me when it lands on Steam or GOG.

I only recently found out (because a friend is developing one) that there are games that are 100% forever-exclusives on Epic. So I don’t have any reason to think this is one of them, but wouldn’t want anyone to be shocked if it turned out to be.

That’s too bad. From an outsider perspective it really doesn’t seem like it’d be a herculean task to port the DLC over to GOG. I feel like as long as they’re selling the game there, the DLC should be there too. Or at the very least provide a Steam key (not that GOG customers would necessarily be interested in that, but it’d be nice to have the option).

Since EGS store pages continue to be fucking garbage, can anyone tell me if this supports multiplayer or not? Because their store page doesn’t bother to.

Oh right, so that’s why I never got around to getting Offworld Trading Company on GOG. I guess I could just get it on Steam, but I appreciate being able to support GOG over Steam where possible.

Can’t let Gaben have all my money now… :P

Yea, ever since GOG added Warlords 3 Darklords Rising to their store I’ve been trying to thank them by buying every game possible from them before going to Steam to look for it.

Yes, it supports multiplayer.

I love the way this game looks:

Also, I agree that “10 Crowns” was a much more interesting name. I wonder why they changed it? Maybe they were thinking ahead to future sequels, like the CIV franchise. Old World 2 is better than Ten Crowns 2, after all.