OLED TV: is it time?


Joined the OLED club with a 65 inch LG B7. It already looks crazy even after just setting it up last night.




Amazon already has both of Dell’s specials for lower prices than that (albeit without the blu-ray player on the larger one).


I joined the LG OLED club as well (65" B7). It’s definitely a worthy upgrade to my Panasonic plasma. I can’t get over how thin the panel is compared to the plasma.

Since my AV receiver doesn’t support HDR, my devices have to connect straight into the TV, with an optical audio cable returning to the receiver. At some point I’ll spring for an HDR-compatible receiver but for now, this configuration will work fine. I also spent some time re-programming my Harmony Hub.

Upgraded my Netflix account to 4K and watched some Mindhunter (excellent show, btw), and it looks stunning. Also tried out Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4 Pro, and that too is quite breathtaking. AC Origins looks great, too.


I have to say, I’ve basically stopped using my Harmony remote. Between having very serviceable apps and TV recording on the TV itself, and the quality of the Magic Remote, I have almost no need for it. It can’t control the Xbox, which is annoying, but nothing major, and I occasionally have to switch inputs on the AVR, but that’s it. I’d rather faff about with a second remote occasionally than not have the pointer functionality.


I still need to investigate the “smart” part of this TV. I was a fan of webOS back in the day, so this might be a smart TV where I actually use the apps (assuming those apps are kept up-to-date).

You mean it will record OTA TV if I connect an antenna? Or does it interface with something like HD Home Run?

Must investigate.


Don’t know how it works in the US, but in the UK, where digital terrestrial TV has its own EPG data, you just plug a USB stick in.

It’s not quite as good at it as my PVR was (mainly because the PVR had multiple tuners), but it’s good enough to merit ditching the PVR.


The main updating issue with the apps has been the Youtube HDR problem, for which there is still no fix in sight. But most of the ones I use other than YT and MLB.tv are just portals into the various TV/VOD streaming services, so no real need for updates. It has all of the main ones, so it’s as good as a Roku on that front. The big gap is no Twitch, but you can work around it using the browser or, more realistically, screen mirroring.



Getting awfully tempting but still planning to wait for the super bowl timeframe.


Can’t remember where I read this, but I’m pretty sure Black Friday tends to be the cheapest TVs get before any closeout deals you might luck into in the middle of next year. It drops for the Super Bowl, but not as much.


I don’t know anything about this site, but according to USA Today this is an E7 55” for 1799.


You can often find the 65" B7 for $2149, maybe a little less, just set a deal alert on slickdeals. Make sure you buy from an authorized dealer, not some fly-by-night eBay seller.


I’m loving mine more and more every day. I had given up on Gears 4 after first few missions cause it just didn’t do it for me when it came out (I bought the X1S Gears special edition console I was so excited for it, and was let down). I put it on via the X1X and holy cow, it is literally the most beautiful game I have ever seen. I expect to finish it tonight and move back on to Battlefront 2 single player. HDR is the real deal.


I stumbled on this EVIL thread on friday… stopped by Best Buy on Saturday and now drooling for one of these to replace my old Panasonic Plasma like many have already done above!! I received the potential clearance from my accounting manager (ie. wife) and this week should be a great week to get one!

So lots of different LG models. It looks like a good bang for the buck is the 55" B7 — was there a lot of difference between this and the E7 and P7? I did read a report vs the C7 and understand that for the most part it’s just a slight audio upgrade in the C7.

Can’t wait to retire the plasma see this awesomeness!


E7 has a glass back / bezel and an upgraded sound bar. The picture quality is EXACTLY the same on every LG model this year from B-C-E-G-W. Buy with confidence, only the aesthetics change.


Kadath — problem is what reseller… pretty much every one has it right now for $1,499. Which is great.
I can pick and choose, Target, Best buy, Amazon, Dell, Beach Camera
The few outliers are —
Costco - which is more but comes with a bonus 3 year warranty.
New Egg flash sale - Cheapest ($1,399) AND no tax. but is not directly from NewEgg

I’ve bought monitors online before from Dell and had no issues reboxing and sending them back if they were shitty… I have 0 experience with buying something as large as a TV from any of these. Right now I’m kinda edging towards the New Egg flash sale… great price + no tax = win!!! Otherwise Beach Camera (again no tax)


I have dealt with Robert at Value Electronics in NY. They are a sponsor at both AVS and HTF, so I’ll note that I may be biased, but I would rather deal with a small shop that specializes in these panels than to go mass market, even if it’s a couple hundred buck difference.


Newegg is dead to me now. B&H has tax free, and I don’t trust Newegg after they sold out to some random Chinese company and were caught doing money laundering on behalf of a Korean firm. Even their part picker seems a bit… more jumbled than it used to be.


Holy shiz, $1399.