OneDrive bitching


Why does OneDrive constantly f'up my files? All i want to do i update a file on my iPad, and then use it on my computer. This has become impossible with OneDrive using the same file. It refuses to sync correctly and forces me to make duplicate files constantly in order for them to be recognized correctly.


Ok so the problem is that it’s not syncing… faster damn you!


I like a lot of things about MS’s enterprise software. OneDrive is not one of those things. I mean, it’s better than Lync – Lync is basically “what if Hitler was a chat client?” – but it’s freaking miles behind Google Drive for file collaboration. And Google Drive has its own issues.


That’s funny, I despise Google Drive for collaboration and prefer OneDrive. It makes a world of difference when you have an Office365 account because everything just becomes seamless after that. My issue with Google Drive is probably unique as I run about 4-5 Gmail accounts / Google App accounts, so I need to always hunt through different accounts to find the files being shared with me.

The only major issues I’ve had with OneDrive is that moving the root directory can be painful sometimes.


I too have Office 365, and still find OneDrive massively inferior to Google Drive.

I would imagine that using Google would suck horribly with 4-5 gmail accounts, though, yeah.



Our setup at work prevents Office from getting to the net, so all of its online features are dead. Which makes some things (e.g., changing an Image in Powerpoint) painful, since it reminds you that you’re not connected. Every. single. time. you. do. it. And now they want to transition us to 365 before they fix that issue.

Not that GDrive is any better. Despite being on Windows+Office, our email system is through Google. Apparently Enterprise Drive accounts can’t be opened in a browser that’s logged into any non-Enterprise Drive accounts? Which means I always need to juggle multiple browsers to manage my own Drive and the work one for when the installed app won’t do (and even that can only handle one account, anyway).

Which is why I now just run everything through Dropbox in direct contravention to everything the workplace wants. I’m on the verge of installing LibreOffice, too, to complete the fuck you ;)


I don’t know why they don’t just subscribe to Dropbox and tell their team: make it at least as good as this. As it is, I have unlimited OneDrive storage because of Office 365 but still pay Dropbox for their 1TB of storage.


Denial. Big companies get blinkered into their own way of doing things and convincing themselves everything they produce is awesome.


I got a bunch of free space on OneDrive but it’s basically useless because you can’t move the folder from the C drive in Windows 10 right now. My user files don’t fit on my SSD so they’ve all been moved to my D drive. I’d use it as a redundant backup, but for now DropBox and Google Photos/Music/Drive work well enough for me.


I just use dropbox, despite having tons of space on OneDrive, because its the only thing that just works. Wake me when we have an alternative.


Same here. I’ve tried most of the cloud services and Dropbox has been the most reliable for me.


OneDrive for Business is the enterprise level solution (not to be confused with OneDrive), it comes with 365. And it’s brilliant. So far ahead of Google it’s not funny.

Lync (now Skype for Business) is best in class so not sure what your issue is with it?


So apparently free accounts are being limited to 5GB? Sorry if this isn’t news. I knew there were changes being made to Office 365 owners but I didn’t know that the 15GB (plus whatever bonuses you might have acquired) are being reduced to 5GB. Man, that is shit. Does that make Google the best option for a free account then? I loaded all my pics on there because they gave me 30GB (I think) for free.


Yea they pulled it back recently. They offered a limited time option to let people who already had 15 GB keep it but you had to actively chose to keep it. So now Google looks to be the best option for free storage.


3 or 4 month ago it happened.


Skype for Business isn’t even as good as Skype. Which I’ve just discovered as I’ve been forced to switch to SfB because ordinary Skype keeps serving a shitty banner ad that renders the client unresponsive.


OneDrive for business? Still Terrible, use it daily for work. So annoying.

Skype for Business? It may be best in class, I haven’t used many alternatives, but holy f’ shit does it suck. Well, at least reliability wise, features are nice. Two years later and we still start almost so many meetings with multiple ‘Can you hear me now’ attempts before somebody eventually just calls in to the conference line.