Onimusha 2 (Xbox)

As far as I can tell, Onimusha 2 for Xbox has been released. Have any of you played it? I’m interested in your review.

  • Dave

For Xbox? First I’ve heard. It was released recently for the PS2…

Yeah, it’s only on PS2, at least for now. Visually impressive game, but hamstrung by dated Resident Evil controls, bad English voiceover, and haphazard difficulty. The gameplay itself is still good, though. You can just button mash your way through, but the game does reward finesse. More than anything, it just looks very slick. A couple of parts use full-motion video backgrounds with stylish results. Definitely too bad about the voices, especially since the characters themselves are pretty cool. Whole thing’s about 10 hours long, making it a good rent. Some clever extras for good measure.

Ah, PS2, oopsie. I rented the original for Xbox, so I assumed the sequel would also be released on Xbox.


  • Dave

All I’ve seen of it is that it has absolutely atrocious voice acting. Looks alright, but nothing that hasn’t been seen before; Resident Evil on GC looked ten times better.

I’m sick and tired of the controls in these games (Onimusha, Resident Evil). I don’t want up to mean “forward”, I want it to mean “up” damnit! Your chracter controls like a tank, and it sucks. I want to like the new batch of 'em, but every one I try, the controls piss me off more. It’s like it was a slight annoyance with the original Resident Evil and it’s been getting progressively more aggrivating with each game.

I don’t think I’m even going to try Onimusha 2. I already know the controls are gonna aggrivate me, and there are lots of other cool-looking games to check out. Hell, I still can’t find Kingdom Hearts in my local Blockbuster (always out, damnit!).

Yeah, the controls are brutal. I mean… Eternal Darkness managed to get the controls right… why can’t other people?