Online gaming leaders and also real-world leaders?

We’re looking for a couple people who are leaders of guilds, clans or other online gaming groups who are also leaders in real life (department managers, company owners, military leaders, etc.). There’s an interesting study going on comparing the two leadership skillsets, and we need a few participants. If anyone here is interested, send me a PM with your email contact and I’ll pass it on to the folks involved in the study.

I’ll post the results or more info when I get my hands on it, because it’s something I figure folks here would find interesting. :-)


I am the supreme ruler of my mums basement and also the ruler of a large WoW guild.

In Soviet Russia Guild leads you!

I lead and inspire my coworkers with onerous micromanagement and superior hand-eye coordination.

I do not think anyone can do this longterm. Leading is stressing, and if you do it both at work and on “relax” time, you’ll burn out quick.

These are not the drones you’re looking for. I am the leader!

This is very true, I was initially upset when I was unable to continue as guild leader but after awhile I realized that it allowed me a lot more time to actually enjoy games when I wasn’t GL.

The best guild leader I ever had did the smart thing and quit the game. Managing a guild/raid is the most thankless job ever.

I was co-leader of the largest Alliance Kil’jaeden guild a couple years back.

I’m now a development lead in a business software company.

I’ve never tried doing both at the same time though. That way lies madness.

I manage people IRL. In games I have no patience for it. I want to follow someone who spent way to much time learning the strategies or do my own thing.

I solo WOW and am a company drone in real life, which is the real me?