Ooh la la, here's some scenery you won't see in American Truck Simulator

You might have thought the release of American Truck Simulator would mean Euro Truck Simulator is old and busted, America is the new hotness. That’s how it works with sequels. In with the new, out with the old. Euro truck drivers can still play in their old world, but the developers at SCS Software have moved on to the New World, right?

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How long until there’s Cargo Shipping Simulator, where you can drop off your Euro container off on the west coast, boat it across the Atlantic, and pick it up with your American truck on the east coast?

“With [sic] Euro Truck Simulator 2 now includes France”

American Truck Simulator taught me Euro Truck Simulator 2 should really have been named Pickup Truck Simulator. No amounts of Vin Rouge and Châteaux are going to solve that.